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Kazunori Kotani Professor
School of Transdisciplinary Sciences¡¢School of Information Science¡¢Entertainment Technology Area


B.E., M.E. and Ph.D.from Nagaoka University of Technology (1981,1983,1990)

¢£Professional Career

Associate (1990), Associate Professor (Adjunct, 1991-1992) at Nagaoka University of Technology, Researcher Multi-media Communication System at University of California, Davis (UC/Davis) (1991,1995), Staff member of High Quality Imaging and Television Laboratory (HQITL) in UC/Davis( )


Computer Vision, CG, Facial Image Analysis, Image Analysis & Understanding

¢£Research Keywords

Computer Vision, CG, Facial Image Analysis, Image Analysis

¢£Research Interests

1. Computer Imaging
We are doing research work on an image analysis, understanding and synthesis(CG).
Computer Graphics : We are developing CG models of natural objects by analyzing the characteristics of surface and shape of the objects microscopically and macroscopically. For example, computing models of flower and snow are obtained by an approximation of mathematical or parametrical exact models. We are also developing a transform algorithm from natural image to brash paint picture using multi-resolution analysis of wavelet function.
Computer Vision : Our research themes are ¡¦an estimation for occluding situation of moving objects based on velocity space and motion continuity of Optical Flows, ¡¦optimization of pattern spectrum analysis for Mathematical Morphology, ¡¦streoscopic vision for a rotating spherical object covered with a smoothly varying surface.
Image Analysis and Understanding : Through the diffusion of computers, human communication has come to depend on machines. At this time, the key to human communication is how efficiently and accurately a senseless machine can translate emotional information. Furthermore, it is desirable that users be able to exchange information pleasantly via communication system without being conscious of the machine. For this reason, the focus of our research is to analyze the facial expression based on recognition science, artificial reality using techniques of Computer Graphics.
2. Image Data Compression and Picture Quality Evaluation
Color television, color image processing and computer graphics are concerned with the reproduction of colors in the real world. When discussing the visual impact of processing results, it involves the tolerance of color differences perceived by human eyes.
Color Information Theory and Picture Quality Evaluation :In a uniform color space, it is possible to relate the processing error with a perceptual degree of deterioration. Then we can evaluate the quality of a processing system and refine it to achieve images of higher quality. For example, by analyzing the relation between perceptual properties of color and image quality using multiple regression analysis or Nural Networks, a computer can estimate the quality of a picture quantitatively instead of a person.
Picture Coding : We are now trying to develop a loss less coding for Extra High Resolution Color Image (over 2048x2048 pixel & 36 bits/pel).


¡şPublished Papers

  • Cumulative Differential Gabor Features for Facial expression classification¡¤Prarinya Siritanawan, Kazunori Kotani, Fan Chen¡¤International Journal of Semantic Computing¡¤9¡¤2¡¤193-213¡¤2015
  • Development of a virtual reality training system for endoscope-assisted submandibular gland removal¡¤Takehiro Miki, Toshinori Iwai, Kazunori Kotani, Jianwu Dang, Hideyuki, Sawada, Minoru Miyake¡¤Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery¡¤44¡¤1800-1805
  • Facial action units detection by robust temporal features¡¤Prarinya Siritanawan, Kazunori Kotani¡¤International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (SoCPaR)¡¤161-168¡¤2015

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¡şLectures and Presentations

  • Reflection and transmission models of multiple breeds of rose petals based on the microscopic structures for computer graphics¡¤Kotani Kazunori ¡¤Tachino Ryuuya and Kenmochi Yukiko¡¤First International Conference on Color in Graphics and Image Processing CGIP'2000¡¤FRANCE¡¤2000, Oct

¢£Extramural Activities

¡şAcademic Society Affiliations

  • Japanese Academy of Facial Studies¡¤1995-

¡şOther Activities

  • Picture Coding Symposium¡¤Registration Chair
  • IEEE International Conference on Image Processing¡¤Technical Program Committee
  • IEEE International Conference on Image Processing¡¤Technical Program Committee

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¢£Academic Awards Received

  • Best Paper Award¡¤IEEE¡İRIVF2012 International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies¡¤2012