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Shohei Hidaka Associate Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Human Life Design Area


Bachelor's degree from Kyushu University(2002), Master's degree from Kyoto University(2004), Ph.D. from Kyoto University(2007)

■Professional Career

Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(2006), Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Indiana University(2008)


Cognitive Science, Language Development, Behavioral Time Series Analysis

■Research Keywords

Novel word generalization, multisensory time series, statistical learning, nonlinear dynamics

■Research Interests

Statistical distribution of age of acquisition of words
What determines vocabulary growth patterns? The research presented here examines the growth pattern of words listed in the McArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory using a computational model. Our model characterizes vocabulary growth curves based on the sampling of learning relevant events and a threshold (the number of such events needed) for acquisition of the word. Using this general class of models, fits of vocabulary growth curves suggests a transition from one in which acquisition is primarily limited by the threshold for acquisition to one in which acquisition is primarily limited by sampling speed. Further analyses suggest that these parameters of the learning model link to meaningful psychological factors: specifically the acquisition of threshold limited (and earlier learned) words are correlated with frequency whereas sampling-speed-limited words are correlated with imageability of the word in the input.



  • The Body and Children’s Word Learning., In Plumert, J. M., Spencer, J. P. (ed.) The Emerging Spatial Mind.,Smith, L. B. Maouene, J. & Hidaka, S.,Oxford University Press.,2007,168–192.

◇Published Papers

  • General Type Token Distribution.,Hidaka, S.,Biometrika,101,4,999-1002,2014/08/17
  • A computational model associating learning process, word attributes, and age of acquisition,Shohei Hidaka,PLOS ONE,8,12,e76242,2013/11/01
  • Quantitative Linking Hypotheses for Infant Eye Movements.,Yurovsky, D., Hidaka, S., and Wu, R.,PLoS ONE,7,10,e47419,2012

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Characterizing Attention and Learning from Infant Eye Movements.,Shohei Hidaka,the workshop "Gaze Bias Learning II", Linking neuroscience, computational modeling, and cognitive development,玉川大学(東京都),2012年3月12日
  • Decoding emotional contexts in bodily actions.,Hidaka, S.,Lecture for Master in the Science of Performative Creativity,University of Malta, Malta,March, 29th, 2012
  • Word Learning In Social Interaction,Hidaka, Shohei,Cognitive Science Spring Seminars,University of Malta, Malta,2012年3月26日

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Association for Computing Machinery,Professional Member,2010-
  • Cognitive Science Society,Membership,2006-
  • Japanese Cognitive Science Sociery,Membership,2005-

◇Other Activities

  • Japan-Germany Frontiers of Science Symposium, JSPS,Planning Group Member,2017/01/01 - 2018/10/31
  • Japan-Germany Frontiers of Science Symposium, JSPS,Introductory speaker for the mathematics/ information/ engineering session,2017/10/05 - 2017/10/10
  • Japanese Cognitive Science Society,Program committee,2017/10/01 - 2018/09/30

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■Academic Awards Received

  • JSAI Annual Conference Award,The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence,2014
  • Presentation Award in The Twenty Second Annual Meeting of Japanese Cognitive Science Society,Japanese Cognitive Science Society,2005