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産学官連携推進センター Industrial Collaboration Promotion Center 2F


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Tomoo Yamamoto Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area


Bachelor's degree from Waseda University(1980), Ph.D. from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2009)

■Professional Career

Section Chief at Mitani Sangyou Co.Ltd(1982),Telecom Delegate of International Red Cross(1999), Technical Staff at IP Operation Center of Japan Advance Institution of Science and Technology(2004), MEXT Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Coordinator(2005), Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Visiting Professor at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2008),Research Professor(2010);JAIST Center for investigation of advanced science and technology,Professor(2013〜);JAIST Industrial Collaboration Promotion Center,Professor(2015〜);(acting)JAIST School of Knowledge Science;Group leader of IP(2016〜);Director of Promotion local partnerships center(2018〜)


Industry-University-Government Cooperation

■Research Keywords

Industry-University-Government Cooperation (Policy, Human Development,Regional revitalization )

■Research Interests

Analysis and visualization of Industry-University-Government Cooperation
Industry-University coordinators face to the problems when they have to support the researchers they don’t have any related specialties. And they have to support to find private corporations they don’t have experienced or never ever visited. These problems may be difficult to be solved by their own efforts. In consequence, it is difficult to improve their matching quality and efficiency. I try to use a macro analysis about needs-seeds matching by using text mining technique for visualizing the results after analyzing patents and non-patents. This result shows us the possibility enabling coordinators to promote needs-seeds matching activities much more efficiently by evaluating them beforehand, and to contribute to make another step on improving quality of their activities.



  • イノベーション創出へ向けた技術移転事例集,文部科学省研究振興局研究環境・産業連携課,2007,150
  • トルコ・デュジュチェ大地震緊急救援アセスメント報告書,国際赤十字籍新月社連盟,国際赤十字籍新月社連盟,1999
  • 全国非常通信網整備プロジェクト評価報告書,国際赤十字赤新月社連盟 トルコ代表部,国際赤十字赤新月社連盟 トルコ代表部,1999

◇Published Papers

  • Matching analysis to promote Industry-University cooperation: Visual mapping using text mining on a database of patents and papers,tomoo YAMAMOTO,7th biennial international conference on University, Industry & Government Linkages (TRIPLE HELIX),19 June 2009
  • ポートフォリオ分析を利用プロジェクト評価手法,山本外茂男,産学連携学会 第5回大会予稿集,pp.148-149,2007/10/1
  • テキストマイニングを活用した産学連携プロジェクトの形成に関する研究,山本外茂男,研究・技術計画学会, 年次学術大会講演要旨集,Vol. 23,pp. 161-162,2008/11/01

■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • The Japan Evaluation Society,2016-
  • Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management,2008-

◇Other Activities

  • PICMET,Local Arrengement Committee, - 2015/07/31
  • IFRC East Africa Regional Delegation,Telecom Delegate,1999/04/01 - 1999/07/01
  • IFRC Turkey Delegation,Telecom Delegate,1999/09/01 - 2001/07/01

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