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Noriyoshi Matsumi Professor
School of Materials Science¡¢Materials Chemistry Area


Bachelor's degree from Kyoto University(1995), Master's degree from Kyoto University(1997), Ph.D from Kyoto University(2000)

¢£Professional Career

Research Fellow at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(1999), Associate at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(2000), Associate Professor at Nagoya University(2006)


Polymer Synthesis, Functional Polymers

¢£Research Keywords

Lithium Ion Battery, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, Solid Polymer Electrolyte, Photo Conductive Material



  • Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements,¡ÈOrganoboron Polymer Electrolytes for Selective Lithium Cation Transport¡É¡¤Matsumi, N.; Ohno, H.¡¤John Wiley & Sons, Inc.¡¤2007¡¤P175-196
  • Contemporary Boron Chemistry, ¡ÈA New Class of pai-Conjugated Organoboron Polymers¡É¡¤Matsumi, N.; Chujo, Y.¡¤ Royal Society of Chemistry¡¤2000¡¤P51-58.

¡şPublished Papers

  • Lithium ion conductive behavior of TiO2nanotube/ionic liquid matrices¡¤Raman Vedarajan, Makoto Ogawa and Noriyoshi Matsumi¡¤Nanoscale Research Letters, Springer¡¤9¡¤539,3¡¤2014/10/1
  • Ag-Protein Prasmonic Architechtures for Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission Enhancements and Fabry-Perot Mode-Coupled Directional Fluorescence Emission.¡¤P. K. Padiya, S. G. Patnaik, V. Srinivasan, N. Reddy, C. S. Manohar, R. Vedarajan, N. Matsumi, S. K. Belliraj, S. S. Ramamurthy¡¤Chemical Physics Letters, 2017, in press
  • Ionic Liquid/Boric Ester Binary Electrolytes with Unusually High Lithium Transference Number¡¤Raman Vedarajan, Kento Matsui, Emari Tamaru, Jyoti Dhankhar, Toshihiro Takekawa, Noriyoshi Matsumi¡¤Electrochemistry Communications, 2017¡¤81¡¤132-135¡¤2017/7/1

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¡şLectures and Presentations

  • Organoboron Electrolytes for Enhanced Performance of Energy and Sensing Devices¡¤Noriyoshi Matsumi¡¤104th Indian Science Congress¡¤Tirupathi, India¡¤2016/1/7
  • Organoboron Electrolytes for Enhanced Performance of Energy and Sensing Devices¡¤Noriyoshi Matsumi¡¤JAIST JAPAN-INDIA Symposium on Materials Science 2017¡¤JAIST, KS lecture room¡¤2017/3/6-7
  • Ionic liquid/borane binary electrolyte with remarkably high lithium transference number¡¤Noriyoshi Matsumi¡¤PRiME2016¡¤Hawai Convention Center, Honolulu, U. S.¡¤2016/10/4

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¢£Extramural Activities

¡şAcademic Society Affiliations

  • The Electrochemical Society of Japan¡¤2004-
  • The American Chemical Society¡¤2000-
  • Society of Polymer Science, Japan¡¤1997-

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