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Masaharu Mizumoto Associate Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area


B.S. from Hitotsubashi University(1994), M.S. from Hitotsubashi University(1998), Ph.D. from Hitotsubashi University(2004)

■Professional Career

Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(2002), Part-time Lecturer at Meiji University(2004), Part-time Lecturer at Tokai University(2005), Part-time Lecturer at Nihon University(2005), Associate Professor at Kitami Institute of Technology(2007)


Analytic Philosophy, Experimental Philosophy, Epistemology, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Mind,

■Research Keywords

knowledge, language, belief-change, rule-following, normativity, meaning, qualia



  • Epistemology for the Rest of the World,Masaharu Mizumoto, Eric McCready, Stephen Stich,Oxford University Press,2018
  • A Theory of Knowledge and Belief Change - Formal and Experimental Perspectives,Masaharu Mizumoto,Hokkaido University Press,2011

◇Published Papers

  • From Information to Fact:A Theory of Belief Change,Masaharu Mizumoto,The Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science,11,2,31-50,2003
  • A Simple Nonmonotonic Logicas a Model of Belief Change,Masaharu Mizumoto,The Annals ofthe Japan Association for Philosophy of Science,12,1,25-52,2004
  • Immunity to Error Through Misidentification and the Bodily Illusion Experiment,Masaharu Mizumoto, Masato Ishikawa,The Journal of Consciousness Studies,12,7,3-19,2005

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Knowing Other Minds in English, Japanese, and Chinese,Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST) and RUI, YANG (JAIST),The Science of Consciousness 2017,San Diego, California, USA,2017年6月5日‐10日
  • X-Phi and Ordinary Language Philosophy,Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST),Australasian Experimental Philosophy Conference,University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand,2017年7月28日‐30日
  • Linguistic diversity of the use of truth predicates and morality’s role in it,Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST),East-West Philosophy Forum: Knowledge, Value and Rationality,Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,2017年3月31日-4月1日

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■Academic Awards Received

  • Japan Association for Philosophy of Science Award,Japan Association for Philosophy of Science,2004