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Kenta Hongo Assistant Professor
School of Information ScienceӢEnergy and Environment Area


Bachelor of Engineering from Tohoku University(2000), Master of Engineering from Tohoku Univeristy(2002), Ph.D. from Tohoku University(2005)

¢£Professional Career

Ph.D. Researcher at Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University(2005), Ph.D. Researcher at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2007), Postdoctral Fellowship for Research Abroad of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at Harvard University(2009), Researcher at Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation(2011), Research Assistant Professor at Research and Development Center for Data Assimilation(2011)


Quantum simulation, Massively parallel statistical processing, Materials Informatics

¢£Research Keywords

Ab initio electronic structure calculations, Quantum Monte Carlo methods



  • ”ČA Quantum Monte Carlo Study of The Ground State Chromium Dimer”É in Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo Methods, (ed. W.A. Lester Jr., S.M. Rothstein, and S. Tanaka)”¤Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono”¤ACS Division of Physical Chemistry”¤2012”¤Chapter 8, pp.91-99
  • ”ČA Benchmark Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Molecular Crystal Polymorphism: A Challenge Case for Density-Functional Theory”É in Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo Methods (ed. W.A. Lester Jr., S.M. Rothstein, and S. Tanaka)”¤Mark A. Watson, Kenta Hongo, Toshiaki Iitaka, Alan Aspuru-Guzik”¤ACS Division of Physical Chemistry”¤2012”¤Chapter 9, pp.101-117

”žPublished Papers

  • "Phonon dispersions and Fermi surfaces nesting explaining the variety of charge ordering in titanium-oxypnictidessuperconductors"”¤Kousuke Nakano, Kenta Hongo, Ryo Maezono”¤Scientific Reports”¤6”¤29661”¤2016
  • "Diffusion Monte Carlo Study of Para-Diiodobenzene Polymorphism Revisited"”¤Kenta Hongo, Mark A. Watson, Toshi Iitaka, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, and Ryo Maezono”¤Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation”¤11”¤2”¤907-917”¤2015
  • "The Importance of Electron Correlation on Stacking Interaction of Adenine-Thymine Base-Pair Step in B-DNA: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study"”¤Kenta Hongo, Nguyen Thanh Cuong, and Ryo Maezono”¤Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation”¤9”¤2”¤1081-1086”¤2013

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”žLectures and Presentations

  • "QMC high performance computing of molecular interactions"”¤¢žKenta Hongo and Ryo Maezono,”¤Pacifichem 2015”¤Honolulu, Hawaii, USA”¤2015/12/15-2015/12/20
  • "A DMC study on FePc electronic state"”¤¢žT. Ichibha, K. Hongo and R. Maezono”¤APS March Meeting 2016”¤Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA”¤2016/3/14-2016/3/18
  • "Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of molecular crystal polymorphism on the K supercomputer"”¤¢žKenta Hongo and Ryo Maezono”¤International symposium on Computics: Quantum Simulation and Design ISC-QSD2014”¤Koshiba Hall, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo”¤12/02/2014

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¢£Extramural Activities

”žAcademic Society Affiliations

  • Japan Society for Molecular Science”¤2012-
  • American Chemical Society”¤2010-
  • American Physical Society”¤2004-

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