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Manoharan Muruganathan Senior Lecturer
School of Materials Science、Energy and Environment Area


B.E. from Bharathiar University(2000), Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur(IIT Kanpur)(2005), Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology(2008)

■Professional Career

Assistant Professor at Easwari Engineering College(2009-2010), Visiting Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing(IIITD&M)(2010-2012)


Nanoelectronics, Atomic-scale Device Simulation, Extremely-scaled Devices

■Research Keywords

Nanoelectronics, Ab-initio simulation, RF and Cryogenic measurements



  • Recent Global Research and Education: Technological Challenges; Inter-band Current Enhancement by Dopant-Atoms in Low-Dimensional pn Tunnel Diodes,Daniel Moraru, Manoharan Muruganathan, Le The Anh, Ratno Nuryadi, Hiroshi Mizuta, Michiharu Tabe,Verlag: Springer International Publishing,2016

◇Published Papers

  • Tunneling in Systems of Coupled Dopant-Atoms in Silicon Nano-devices,D. Moraru, A. Samanta, K. Tyszka, L. T. Anh, M. Muruganathan, T. Mizuno, R. Jablonski, H. Mizuta and M. Tabe,Nanoscale Research Lett.,10,372,10,2015
  • Electrically Tunable van der Waals Interaction in Graphene邦olecule Complex,Manoharan Muruganathan, Jian Sun, Tomonori Imamura, and Hiroshi Mizuta,Nano Letters,1530-6984, November 12, 2015
  • Lateral Plasma Etching Enhanced On/Off Ratio in Graphene Nanoribbon Field-Effect Transistor,Jian Sun, Takuya Iwasaki, Manoharan Muruganathan, and Hiroshi Mizuta,,Applied Physics Letters,106,033509,2015

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Transfer-Free Fabrication of Large-Area Nanocrystalline Graphene Nanoelectromechanical Switch Array,J. Sun, M. Schmidt, H. Chong, M. Muruganathan, H. Mizuta,41st Micro and Nano Engineering Conference (MNE2015), The Hague, Netherlands,21-24 Sept. 2015
  • Transport Characteristics of Nanoconstricted Graphene with and without point defects,Deepak S., Hiroshi Mizuta, Manoharan M.,International Conference on Nano Science, Engineering and Technology,India,2011
  • Silicon radio frequency single-electron transistors operating at above 4.2 K,M. Manoharan, Y. Tsuchiya S. Oda and H. Mizuta,International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials,Ibaraki,2008

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society,Member,2014-
  • Japan Society of Applied Physics,Member,2012-