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Hisashi Masuda Assistant Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area


B.S.from Chiba University(2008), MBA.from Kyoto University(2010), Ph.D from Kyoto University(2013)


Service Science, Service Marketing, Applied Microeconomics

■Research Keywords

Service Communication, Context, Web Questionnaire, Supporting System for Briefing/Debriefing

■Research Interests

Developing a Method for Extracting, Analyzing and Utilizing Context in Service Communication with Information and Communication Technology
For any businesses in developed countries, treatments for the service economy, globalization, and declining birthrate and/or aging society are critical issues now. The situation requires to make services with low customers' and employees' burden related to a wide variety of their background. But the current environments for supporting such aspects in service industry are insufficient. We aim to develop a method for extracting, analyzing and utilizing context in service communication with Information and Communication Technology. The implication is to make the ICT environment for utilizing context in service communication between a wide variety of people, especially in terms of customers, employees and managers.



  • BookTitle: "Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling: Concepts, Methods and Tools", Title: "Global Service Enhancement for Japanese Creative Services Based on the Early/Late Binding Concepts",Yoshinori Hara, Hisashi Masuda,Springer International Publishing,2016,pp. 509-526
  • BookTitle: "Serviceology for Designing the Future: Selected and Edited Papers of the 2nd International Conference on Serviceology", Title: "Exploration of Service System and Value Co-creation Mechanism in Islamic Banking in Pakistan",Amna Javed, Youji Kohda, Hisashi Masuda,Springer Japan,2016,pp.37-50

◇Published Papers

  • Representing Context of Service Communications by a User-Generated-List-Oriented Web Questionnaire,Hisashi Masuda,The 4th International conference on Serviceology(ICServ2016)
  • Co-creation of Socioeconomic Values in Islamic Banking Service: Case Study Research in Pakistan,Amna Javed, Youji Kohda, Hisashi Masuda,Journal of Creating Value,2,1,109-123,2016/5
  • Developing an ad-hoc Questionnaire Model forextracting Consumer behaviour in Service Encounter,Masuda,H., Hara, Y.,The 3rdinternational conference on Serviceology (ICServ 2015), San Jose, CA,USA, 7th July, 2015

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Developing an ad-hoc questionnaire model for extracting exceptional handling communications in service,Hisashi Masuda,7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics and the Affiliated conferences(AHFE2016),Walt disnew World,Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Florida, USA,27-31 July 2016
  • Japanese Creative Service as a Next Generation Enterprise Modelling,Yoshinori Hara, Hisashi Masuda,Next Generation Enterprise Modelling in the Age of Internet of things(NEMO 2016) Summer School,University of Vienna, Austria,18th-29th of July 2016
  • Analysing Fundamentals of Japanese CreativeServices and its Application to Global Service Enhancement,Masuda, H., Hara, Y.,SUMMER SCHOOL NEMO'2015 Next Generation Enterprise Modelling in the Age ofInternet of Things,University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria,29th July, 2015

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