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Simon Robert Michel Viennot Assistant Professor
School of Information Science、Entertainment Technology Area


Master of Robotics from Ecole Centrale de Nantes(2004), Ph.D from Lille University of Science and Technology (2011)

■Professional Career

Ferraz Shawmut Co, Ltd(2009), Reseacher at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2012)


◇Published Papers

  • Efficiency of Static Knowledge Bias in Monte-Carlo Tree Search,Kokoko Ikeda and Simon Viennot,Computers and Games,2013-08
  • Production of Various Strategies and Position Control for Monte-Carlo Go - Entertaining human players,Kokolo Ikeda and Simon Viennot,IEEE-CIG,145-152,2013-08
  • Nimbers are inevitable,Julien Lemoine, Simon Viennot,Theoretical Computer Science,462,70-79,2012/11

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