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Keita Yokoyama Senior Lecturer
School of Information Science¡¢Intelligent Robotics Area


B.S.from Tokyo Institute of Technology(2004), M.S.from Tohoku University(2005), Ph.D from Tohoku University(2008)

¢£Professional Career

Research Assistant at Tohoku University(2005), JSPS Research Fellow at Tohoku University(DC2)(2006), Assistant of Educational Service at Tokyo Institute of Technology(2008), Assistant Professor at Tohoku University(2008), Part-time Lecturer at Yamagata University(2009), Assistant Professor at Tohoku University(2010), Visiting Postdoc of Pennsylvania State University(2011), JSPS Research Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology(PD)(2011)


Mathematical Logic

¢£Research Keywords

Proof theory, first and second-order arithmetic, reverse mathematics, nonstandard analysis

¢£Research Interests

Reverse mathematics by using nonstandard models of arithmetic
My research is aimed at developing connections between some techniques of models or arithmetic with reverse mathematics.


¡þPublished Papers

  • On principles between Sigma_1- and Sigma_2-induction, and monotone enumerations¡¤Alexander P. Kreuzer and Keita Yokoyama¡¤Journal of Mathematical Logic 16, 21 pages, 2016¡¤no.1
  • Reverse mathematical bounds for the Termination Theorem¡¤Silvia Steila and Keita Yokoyama¡¤Annals of Pure Applied Logic 167, 1213–1241¡¤no. 12
  • Notes on Various Versions of Friedman's Self-Embedding Theorem¡¤Keita Yokoyama¡¤Studies in Weak Arithmetics, CSLI Publications¡¤Volume 3¡¤231-241¡¤2016/09/28

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¡þLectures and Presentations

  • Reverse mathematics and termination analysis¡¤Keita Yokoyama¡¤14th Asian Logic Conference, IIT Bombay, India, January 5-8, 2015
  • Proof transformations for nonstandard analysis¡¤Keita Yokoyama¡¤The 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Special session 114: Nonstandard Analysis, Quantizations and Singular Perturbations¡¤Madrid, Spain¡¤2014/07/07-11
  • Use of nonstandard models in reverse mathematics¡¤Keita Yokoyama¡¤Journees sur les Arithmetiques Faibles 33¡¤University of Gothenburg, Sweden¡¤2014/06/16-18

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¢£Extramural Activities

¡þAcademic Society Affiliations

  • Association for Symbolic Logic¡¤2008-