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Yuko Yamamoto Associate Professor
School of Materials Science、Materials Chemistry Area


B.S. from Aoyama Gakuin University (2001), M.S. from Aoyama Gakuin University (2003), Ph.D from KWANSEI GAKUIN University (2011)

■Professional Career

Researcher at Lintec Corporation (2003), JSPS Research Fellow at Kwansei Gakuin University (DC2)(2009), Special Researchers at AIST Shikoku-Center (2011), JSPS Research Fellow at Kagawa University (RPD)(2014), Visiting researcher at Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena (2016)



  • Near-field interaction between single molecule and an electromagnetic field at "hotspot" generated by plasmon resonance,Tamitake Itoh, Yuko Tamamoto,Frontiers of Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy, ACS Books, ACS Publications, Washington, US.,Chapter2, pp23-37

◇Published Papers

  • Plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy of absorption and spontaneous emissions explained using cavity quantum optics,Tamitake Itoh, Yuko S. Yamamoto, and Yukihiro Ozaki,Chemical Society Reviews,46,3904-3921,2017/06
  • Single-Molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Scatteting Spectrum of Non-Resonant Aromatic Amine Showing Raman Forbidden Bands,Yuko Yamamoto, Yuya Kayano, Yukihiro Ozaki, Zhenglomg Zhang, Tomomi Kozu, Tamitake Itoh, and Shunsuke Nakanishi,arXiv,1610.0827
  • Recent topics on single-molecule fluctuation analysis using blinking in surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering: Clarification by electromagnetic mechanism,Tamitake Itoh, Yuko S. Yamamoto,ANALIST,141,5000-5009,2016/05

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Charge-Sensitive SERS Substrate made from Copper Alloy and Aqueous Solution of Silver Complex,Yuko S. Yamamoto, Katsuyuki Hasegawa, Yuki Hasegawa, Satoshi Fukuoka, Norio Murase, Yoshinobu Baba, Yukihiro Ozaki, Tamitake Itoh,ICORS 2012,2012/08/03
  • Plasmonic imaging of single DNA molecules coupled with photoinduced Ag nanoparticles,Yuko S. Yamamoto, Ken Hirano, Tomomi Ishido, Mitsuru Ishikawa, Yoshinobu Baba, Tamitake Itoh,2012/06/02
  • Raman spectra of poly(3- hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) thin films by Raman microscopic spectroscopy,Yuko S. Yamamoto, Harumi Sato, Hidetoshi Sato, Yukihiro Ozaki,Pacifichem2010,2010/12/18

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■Academic Awards Received

  • Yuko S. Yamamoto, Yuji Matsuura, Yukihiro Ozaki, Hidetoshi Sato, "Subsurface Sensing of Biomedical Tissues Using a Miniaturized Raman Probe: Study of Thin-Layered Model Samples", AWARD OF EXCELLENCE(Poster Session Award),TOIN International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering 2008,2008
  • Yuko S. Yamamoto, Yusuke Oshima, Shin-ichi Morita, Yukihiro Ozaki, Hidetoshi Sato, "Subsurface Sensing of Biomedical Tissues Using a Miniaturized Raman Probe: Study of Thin-Layered Model Samples", Best Poster Award,The 9th Asian Conference on Analytical Sciences (Asianalysis IX),2007