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Kentaro Takashima Assistant Professor
School of Knowledge Science¡¢Human Life Design Area


B.S. from Tokyo Institute of Technology (2007), M.S. from Tokyo Institute of Technology (2010), Ph.D from Tokyo Institute of Technology (2016)

¢£Professional Career

IBM Japan, Ltd.(2013), Research Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(2017)


Knowledge Management, Ergonomics, Collaboration Software / Office Environment

¢£Research Keywords

Analysis of Task and Behavior of Knowledge Workers, Knowledge Creation Support Systems


¡þPublished Papers

  • Evaluation of ¡ÆVirtual Same Room¡Ç System in Actual Enterprise:Effect on Worker¡Çs Interaction and Behaviors for Knowledge Creation¡¤Takashima, K., Senoo, D.¡¤Proceedings of 21th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems
  • Process analysis of designer¡Çs spontaneous activity: a casestudy of professional character designer¡¤Takashima, K., Senoo, D.¡¤Proceedings of A-DEWS2016 - Asia Design Engineering Workshop 2016
  • Activating Communications among Family Members LivingFar Apart by Sharing Common Topics through Television¡¤Takashima, K., Umemuro, H.¡¤ISG'08 - The 6th International Conference of the International Society for Gerontechnology, Gerontechnology

¢£Academic Awards Received

  • Best Paper Award¡¤A-DEWS2016 - Asia Design Engineering Workshop 2016¡¤2016