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Masashi Akabori Associate Professor
Center for Nano Materials and Technology

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  • 21. Spring Characteristics of Circular Arc Shaped 3D Micro cantilevers Fabricated Using III-V Semiconductor Strain-driven Bending Process,T. K. Sasaki, H. Iwase, J. Wang, M. Akabori, and S. Yamada,AIP Conf. Proc.,Vol. 1399,pp. 1067-1068,2011
  • 22. Electron transport properties of InAs ultra-thin films obtained by epitaxial lift-off and van der Waals bonding on flexible substrates,H. Takita, N. Hashimoto, C. T. Nguyen, M. Kudo, M. Akabori, and T. Suzuki,Appl. Phys. Lett,Vol. 97,pp. 012102-1-3,2010
  • 23. LaLuO3 as a high-k gate dielectric for InAs nanowire structures,Ch. Volk, J. Schubert, M. Akabori, K. Sladek, H. Hardtdegen and Th. Schaepers,Semicond. Sci. Tech,Vol. 25,pp. 085001-1-4,2010
  • 24. Spin-orbit coupling and phase coherence in InAs nanowires,S. Estevez Hernandez, M. Akabori, K. Sladek, Ch. Volk, S. Alagha, H. Hardtdegen, M. G. Pala, N. Demarina, D. Gruetzmacher, and Th. Schaepers,Phys. Rev. B,Vol. 82,pp. 235303-1-7,2010
  • 25. Improved gate-control in InAs nanowire structures by the use of GdScO3 as a gate dielectric,Ch. Volk, J. Schubert, K. Weis, S. Estevez Hernandez, M. Akabori, K. Sladek, H. Hardtdegen, and Th. Schaepers,Appl. Phys. A,Vol. 100,pp. 305-308,2010
  • 26. MOVPE of n-doped GaAs and modulation doped GaAs/AlGaAs nanowires,K. Sladek, V. Klinger, J. Wensorra, M. Akabori, H. Hardtdegen, and D. Gruetzmacher,J. Crystal Growth,Vol. 312,pp. 635-640,2010
  • 27. Spin-orbit coupling in GaxIn1-xAs/InP 2-dimensional electron gases and quantum wire structures,Th. Schaepers, V. A. Guzenko, A. Bringer, M. Akabori, M. Hagedorn and H. Hardtdegen,Semicond. Sci. Tech., 24,064001-1-11,2009
  • 28. Strain-enhanced electron mobility anisotropy in InxGa1−xAs/InP two-dimensional electron gases,M. Akabori, T. Q. Trinh, M. Kudo, Th. Schaepers, H. Hardtdegen, and T. Suzuki,Physica E,Vol. 42,pp. 1130-1133,2010
  • 29. Influence of growth temperature on the selective area MOVPE of InAs nanowires on GaAs (111) B using N2 carrier gas,M. Akabori, K. Sladek, H. Hardtdegen, Th. Schaepers and D. Gruetzmacher,J. Crystal Growth,Vol. 311,pp. 3813-3816,2009
  • 30. Fabrication of 3D micro-cantilevers based on MBE grown strained semiconductor layers,H. Iwase, H. Choi, M. Akabori, T. Suzuki, S. Yamada, D. Yamamoto and T. Ando,Physica E,Vol. 40,pp. 2210-2213,2008
  • 31. InxGa1-xAs/InP selective area MOVPE for non-magnetic semiconductor spintronics,M. Akabori, V. A. Guzenko, Th. Schaepers and H. Hardtdegen,J. Crystal Growth, 310,4821-4825,2008
  • 32. Structural, optical, and electrical characterizations of epitaxial lifted-off InGaAs/InAlAs metamorphic heterostructures bonded on AlN ceramic substrates,Y. Jeong, M. Shindo, H. Takita, M. Akabori and T. Suzuki,Phys. Stat. Sol. C,vol. 5,2787-2790,2008
  • 33. Spin-orbit interactions in high In-content InGaAs/InAlAs inverted heterojunctions for Rashba spintronic devices,H. Choi, T. Kakegawa, M. Akabori, T. Suzuki and S. Yamada,Physica E,vol. 40,pp. 2823-2828,2008
  • 34. Spin-splitting analysis of a two-dimensional electron gas in an almost strain-free In0.89Ga0.11Sb/ In0.88Al0.12Sb by magneto-resistance measurements,M. Akabori, V. A. Guzenko, T. Sato, Th. Schaepers, T. Suzuki and S. Yamada,Phys. Rev. B,vol. 77,pp. 205320-1-6,2008
  • 35. Spin injection in FM/2DEG/FM structures in high-quality In0.75Ga0.25As/In0.75A0.25lAs inverted HEMTs,H. Choi, A. Nogami, T. Kakegawa, M. Akabori and S. Yamada,Physica E,Vol. 40,pp. 1772-1774,2008
  • 36. Weak antilocalization measurements on a 2-dimensional electron gas in an InGaSb/InAlSb heterostructure,V. A. Guzenko, M. Akabori, Th. Schaepers, S. Cabanas, T. Sato, T. Suzuki and S. Yamada,Phys. Stat. Sol. C,Vol. 3,pp. 4227-4230,2007
  • 37. Spin splitting characterization of an InGaSb 2DEG by using magnetoresistance measurements with tilted magnetic fields,M. Akabori, V. A. Guzenko, T. Kakegawa, T. Sato, Th. Schaepers, T. Suzuki and S. Yamada,AIP Conf. Proc.,Vol. 893,pp. 1271-1272,2007
  • 38. Spin-orbit Interactions in High In-content InGaAs/InAlAs Inverted Heterojunctions for Rashba Spintronics Devices,H. Choi, Y. Kitta, T. Kakegawa, Y. Jeong, M. Akabori, T. Suzuki, and S. Yamada,AIP Conf. Proc.,Vol. 893,pp. 1373-1374,2007
  • 39. Epitaxial Lift-Off of InGaAs/InAlAs Metamorphic High Electron Mobility Heterostructures and Their van der Waals Bonding on AlN Ceramic Substrates,Y. Jeong, M. Shindo, M. Akabori, and T. Suzuki,Appl. Phys. Express, 021201,Vol. 1,2008
  • 40. Spin splitting in InGaSb/InAlSb 2DEG having high indium content,M. Akabori, T. Sunouchi, T. Kakegawa, T. Sato, T. Suzuki and S. Yamada,Physica E,Vol. 34,pp. 413-416,2006

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