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Shin-ya Ohki Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area

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  • 21. Effect of Parallel Processing and Optimization Techniques in Molecular Dynamics,K.Satou, K.Konno, O.Ohta, K.Mikami, K.Teranishi, Y.Yamada, and S.Ohki,NEW ASPECTS OF BIOMEDICAL ELECTRONICS and BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS,228-233,2008
  • 22. Performance Evaluation of Parallel Processing Environment for Molecular Dynamics,K.Satou, K.Konno, O.Ohta, K.Mikami, K.Teranishi, Y.Yamada, & S.Ohki,WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine,7,173-182,2008
  • 23. Stable-Isotope Labeling Using an Inducible Viral Infection System in Suspension-Cultured Plant Cells,S.Ohki, K.Dohi, A.Tamai, M.takeuchi, and M.Mori,J. Biomol. NMR,42,271-277,2008
  • 24. Phosphorylation-induced conformational switching of CPI-17 produces a potent myosin phosphatase inhibitor,M.Eto, T.Kitazawa, F.Matsuzawa, S.Aikawa, J.A.Kirkbride, N.Isozumi, Y.Nishimura, D.L.Brautigan, & S.Ohki,Structure,15,Dec.,1591-1602,2007
  • 25. Tautomerism of Histidine 64 Associated with Proton-Transfer in Catalysis of Carbonic Anhydrase,H.Shimahara, T.Yoshida, Y.Shibata, M.Shimizu, Y.Kyogoku, F.Sakiyama, T.Nakazawa, S.Tate, S.Ohki, T.Kato, H.Moriyama, K.Kishida, Y.Tano, T.Ohkubo & Y.Kobayashi.,J. Biol. Chem.,282,9646-9656,2007
  • 26. Comparative Analysis of Protein Thermostability: Differences in Amino Acid Content and Substitution at the Surfaces and in the Core Regions of Thermophilic and Mesophilic Proteins,K.Yokota, K.Satou & S.Ohki.,Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater.,7,255-262,2006
  • 27. Structural Basis for Ca2+ regulated Muscle Relaxation at Ineraction Sites of Troponin with Actin and Tropomiosin,K.Murakami, F.Yumoto, S.Ohki, T.Yasunaga, M.Tanokura & T.Wakabayashi,J. Mol. Biol.,352,178-201,2005
  • 28. Al3+ binding sites of calmodulin and its effect on the target binding of calmodulin,H.Kurita, M.Nakatomi, H.Shimahara, M.Yazawa & S.Ohki,Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,330,1060-1065,2005
  • 29. Phospho-pivot modeling predicts specific interactions of protein phosphatase-1 with a phospho-inhibitor protein CPI-17,F.Matsuzawa, S.Aikawa, S.Ohki & M.Eto,J.Biochem.,137,633-641,2005
  • 30. Computational Simulation for Interaction of Nano-Molecules: A novel modeling algorithm for prediction of interactions between a phospho-protein and its reseptor,F.Matsuzawa, S.Aikawa, S.Ohki & M.Eto,Sci. Tech. Adv. Mat.,6,463-467,2005
  • 31. Phosphorylation-induced Conformational Change of CPI-17 responsible to inhibit Protein Phosphatase-1,S.Ohki, M.Eto, R.Takada, M.Shimizu, D.L.Brautigan & M.Kainosho,Sci. Tech. Adv. Mat.,5,383-386,2004
  • 32. Distinctive Solution Conformation of Phosphatase Inhibitor CPI-17 Substituted with Aspartate at the Phosphorylation-site Threonine Residue.,S.Ohki, M.Eto, R.Takada, M.Shimizu, D.L.Brautigan & M.Kainosho.,J. Mol. Biol.,326,1539-1547,2003

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