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Hajime Ishihara Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 21. Almost locatedness in uniform spaces,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara, Ray Mines, Fred Richman, Peter Schuster and Luminita Vita,Czechoslovak Math. J.,vol. 57,1-12,2007
  • 22. Unique existence and computability in constructive reverse mathematics,Hajime Ishihara,Lect. Notes Comput. Sci.,4497,368-377,2007
  • 23. Quotient topologies in constructive set theory and type theory,Hajime Ishihara and Erik Palmgren,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,vol. 141,pp. 257-265,2006
  • 24. A constructive Banach's inverse mapping theorem in F-spaces,Hajime Ishihara and Luminita Vita,New Zealand J. Math.,vol. 35,pp. 183-188,2006
  • 25. Binary refinement implies discrete exponentiation,Peter Aczel, Laura Crosilla, Hajime Ishihara, Erik Palmgren and Peter Schuster,Studia Logica,vol. 84,pp. 367-374,2006
  • 26. Reverse mathematics in Bishop's constructive mathematics,Hajime Ishihara,Philosophia Scientiae, Cahier special,vol. 6,pp. 43-59,2006
  • 27. Weak Koenig lemma implies Brouwer's fan theorem: a direct proof,Hajime Ishihara,Notre Dame J. Formal Logic,vol. 47,pp. 249-252,2006
  • 28. Quasi-apartness and neighbourhood spaces,Hajime Ishihara, Ray Mines, Peter Schuster and Luminita Vita,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,vol. 141,pp. 296-306,2006
  • 29. A new constructive version of Baire's theorem,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara and Luminita Vita,Hokkaido Math. J.,vol. 35,pp. 107-118,2006
  • 30. On constructing completions,Laura Crosilla, Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,J. Symbolic Logic,vol. 70,pp. 969-978,2005
  • 31. Products in the category of apartness spaces,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara, Peter Schuster and Luminita Vita,Cah. Topol. Geom. Diffe. Gateg.,vol. 46,pp. 139-153,2005
  • 32. Brouwer's fan theorem and unique existence in constructive analysis,Josef Berger and Hajime Ishihara,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,vol. 51,pp. 360-364,2005
  • 33. Strong continuity implies uniform sequential continuity,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara, Peter Schuster and Luminita Vita,Arch. Math. Logic,vol. 44,pp. 887-895,2005
  • 34. Constructive reverse mathematics: compactness properties,Hajime Ishihara,In: L. Crosilla and P. Schuster eds., From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis: Towards Practicable Foundations for Constructive Mathematics, Oxford University Press, Oxford,pp. 245-267,2005
  • 35. Computing infima on convex sets with applications in Hilbert space,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara and Luminita Vita,Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.,vol. 132,pp. 2723-2732,2004
  • 36. Compactness under constructive scrutiny,Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,vol. 50,pp. 540-550,2004
  • 37. Locating subsets of a normed space,Hajime Ishihara and Luminita Vita,Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.,vol.131,pp.3211-3220,2003
  • 38. Ishihara's proof technique in constructive analysis,Douglas Bridges, Dirk van Dalen and Hajime Ishihara,Indag. Math.,vol.14,pp.163-168,2003
  • 39. Locating the range of an operator with an adjoint,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara and Bas Spitters,Indag. Math. (N.S.),vol.13,pp.433-440,2002
  • 40. Some results on automatic structures,Hajime Ishihara, Bakhdyr Khoussainov and Sasha Rubin,In: 17th IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2002), July 22-25, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, Proceedings, IEEE Computer Society,pp.235-242,2002

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