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Minh Le Nguyen Associate Professor
School of Information Science(Department of Information Science・Artificial Intelligence)

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  • 21. Convolutional Neural Networks on Assembly Code forPredicting Software Defects,Anh Phan, Minh Le Nguyen,The 21st Asia Pacific Symposium on Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems (IES 2017),2017/11
  • 22. Structural Paraphrasing in Japanese Legal Texts,Truong-Son Nguyen, Le-Minh Nguyen, Akira Shimazu and Kiyoaki Shirai,In Proceedings Jursin 2017,2017/11
  • 23. Exploiting User-generated Content to Enrich Web Document Summarization",,Minh-Tien Nguyen, Duc-Vu Tran, Xuan-Chien Tran, and Minh Le Nguyen,International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT), October 2017,26,5,pp. 1-26
  • 24. Convolutional Neural Networks over Control Flow Graphs for Software Defect Prediction,Anh Phan,Nguyen Le Minh and Lam Thu Bui,In Proceedings ICTAI 2017 (IEEE),2017/11
  • 25.  Multi-channel LSTM-CNN model for Vietnamese sentiment analysis,Quan-Hoang Vo, Huy-Tien Nguyen, Bac Le and Minh-Le Nguyen,In Proceedings KSE 2017,2017/10
  • 26.  WikTDV: Data extraction and vector representation resource for Wiktionary senses,Danilo Carvalho and Le Minh Nguyen,In Proceedings KSE 2017
  • 27. Enhancing Pivot Translation Using Grammatical and Morphological Information,Tried Hai Long and Minh Le Nguyen,In Proceedings PACLING,2017/08
  • 28. SibStCNN and TBCNN + kNN-TED:New Models over Tree Structures for SourceCode Classification,Anh Phan, Minh Le Nguyen, Bui Thu Lam,In Proceedings IDEAL 2017 (IDEAL 2017, LNCS 10585, 2017,pp. 120–128,2017/10
  • 29. Enhanced Semantic Refinement Gate for RNN-based Neural Language Generator,Tran Van Khanh and Nguyen Le Minh,,In Proceedings KSE 2017
  • 30.  Lexical-Morphological Modeling for Legal Text Analysis, Danilo Carvalho, Minh-Tien Nguyen, Chien Tran and Nguyen Le Minh,Lecture notes in computer science:New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence,2016/03
  • 31. JAIST: A Shallow Discourse Parsing system @ CoNLL 2016 Shared Task,Truong Son Nguyen and Minh Le Nguyen,Proceedings of CONLL 2016 Shared Task,2016/08/11-12
  • 32. SoRTESum: A Social Context Framework for Single-Document Summarization. ECIR 2016: 3-14,Minh Tien Nguyen and Minh Le Nguyen,38th European conference on Information Retrieval 2016,3,12,2016/03/20
  • 33. Legal Question Answering using Ranking SVM and Deep Convolutional Neural Network,Phong-Khac Do, Huy-Tien Nguyen, Chien-Xuan Tran, Minh-Tien Nguyen and Nguyen Le Minh,In Proceedings of JURISN 2016
  • 34. Legal Information Extraction/Entailment Using SVM-Ranking and Tree-based Convolutional Neural Network,Truong-Son Nguyen, Viet-Anh Phan, Thanh-Huy Nguyen, Hai-Long Trieu, Ngoc-Phuong Chau, Trung-Tin Pham and Nguyen Le Minh,In Proceedings JURISN 2016
  • 35. Lexical to Discourse-level Corpus Modeling for Legal Question Answering,Danilo Carvalho, Vu Tran, Khanh Tran, Viet Lai and Nguyen Le Minh,In Proceedings of JURISN 2016
  • 36. Scoring Explanatoriness of a Sentence and Ranking for Explanatory Opinion Summary,Trung Thien Vo, Bac Le, Minh Le Nguyen,Recent Development in Intelligent information and Database Systems,642,277,9,2016/02
  • 37. Phrase-Based Compressive Summarizationfor English-Vietnamese,Tung Le, Minh Le Nguyen, Akira Shimazu, and Dinh Dien,IUKM 2016, LNAI 9978, 2016,pp. 1–11
  • 38.  "SoLSCSum: A Linked Sentence-Comment Dataset for Social Context Summarization",Minh-Tien Nguyen, Chien-Xuan Tran, Duc-Vu Tran, and Minh-Le Nguyen.,In Proceedings CKIM 2016,2016/11
  • 39. Learning to Rank Questions for Community Question Answering with Ranking SVM.,Minh-Tien Nguyen, Viet-Anh Phan, Truong-Son Nguyen, Minh-Le Nguyen:,CoRR abs/1608,04185,2016,2016/09
  • 40. A Classifier-based Preordering Approach for English-Vietnamese Statistical Machine Translation,Viet Tran Hong, Huyen Vu Thuong, Vinh Nguyen Van and Minh Nguyen Le.,Lecture notes in Computer Science,2016/04

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