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Masahiko Tomitori Professor
School of Materials Science、Applied Physics Area

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  • 1. Compendium of Surface and Interface Analysis, Atom Probe Field Ion Microscope,Masahiko Tomitori,Springer,2018,pp. 27 - 32
  • 2. Applied Scanning Probe Methods IX,B. Bhushan, H. Fuchs, M. Tomitori (eds),Springer-Verlag,2008/03/05
  • 3. Applied Scanning Probe Methods X,,B. Bhushan, H. Fuchs, M. Tomitori (eds),Springer,2008/03/05
  • 4. Applied Scanning Probe Methods VIII,,B. Bhushan, H. Fuchs, M. Tomitori (eds),Springer-Verlag,2008/03/05
  • 5. Scanning probe microscopy roadmap 2005, Chap.18 Characterization of semiconducting materials,S. Hasegawa and M. Tomitori,Springer-Verlag,2006,133-137
  • 6. Scanning probe microscopy roadmap 2005, Chap.2 scanning tunneling microscopy,M. Tomitori,Springer-Verlag,2006,7月14日
  • 7. Bias dependence of NC-AFM images and tunneling current variations on semiconductor surfaces, Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy,T. Arai and M. Tomitori,edited by S. Morita et al.,Springer-Verlag, Berlin,2002,72-92
  • 8. Applicability and limitation of scanning probe microscopies for catalytic materials,M. Tomitori and T. Arai,Technology and Educations Publishers,2001,pp. 138-145
  • 9.  "STM/STS Study of Semiconductor Clusters", Mesoscopic Materials and Clusters: Their Physical and Chemical Properties, edited by T.Arai, K.Mihama, K.Yamamoto and S.Sugano, Springer Series in Cluster Physics,M. Tomitori,Springer-Verlag, Kodansha, Tokyo,1999,419-427