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Kazushi Nishimoto Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Human Life Design Area

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  • 1. Outstanding Paper Award: "Exploiting Criticisms in Brainstorming: A Pilot Study",International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems 2017,2017
  • 2. Presentation Award,KICSS 2015 Program Committee,2016
  • 3. Best Paper Award: The 1st International Conference on Global Health Challenge (GLOBAL HEALTH 2012),International Academy, Research, and Industry Association,2012
  • 4. Best Multi-disciplinary Paper Award,The 9th Int'l. Conf. on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (ICOST2011),ICOST2011 Program committee,2011
  • 5. MVE award,SIGMVE, IEICE,2008
  • 6. Best Paper Award, ACM Multimedia 2004 International conference,ACM (Association for Computing Machinery),2004
  • 7. Best Interactive Presentation Award,Interaction 2004 Symposium, Information Processing Society, Japan,2004