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Kazushi Nishimoto Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Human Life Design Area

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  • 1. E-Cocreation of Knowledge through Informal Communications, Tokuro Matsuo and Takayuki Fujimoto eds.: E-Activity and Intelligent Web Construction -- Effects of Social Design --,,Kazushi Nishimoto,Chapter 12, pp.135-153, IGI Global, ISBN 978-1-61520-871-5, 2011.
  • 2. Two- step Input Method for Supporting Composition of MIDI Sequence Data, in Entertainment Computing -- Technologies and Applications,Chika Oshima, Yohei Miyagawa, Kazushi Nishimoto and Takashi Shirosaki,Kluwer Academic Publishers,2003,257-264
  • 3. Immersive Walk-through Experience of Japanese Ancient Villages with VisTA-walk System, in Barcelo, J.A., Forte, M., and Sanders, D. (Eds.), Virtual Reality in Archaeology,Rieko Kadobayashi, Kazushi Nishimoto, and Kenji Mase,BAR International Series 843 2000, Archaeopress,2000,135-142
  • 4. Enhancement of Creative Aspects of A Daily Conversation with A Topic Development Agent, in Coordination Technology for Collaborative Applications -- Organizations, Processes, and Agents,Kazushi Nishimoto, Yasuyuki Sumi, and Kenji Mase,Lecture Notes on Computer Science Vol. 1364, Springer-Verlag,1998,63-76
  • 5. Personalizing Museum Exhibition by Mediating Agents, in Angel Pasqual del Pobli, Jose Mira and Moonis Ali eds. Tasks and Methods in Applied Artificial Intelligence,Rieko Kadobayashi, Kazushi Nishimoto, Yasuyuki Sumi and Kenji Mase,Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Vol.1416, Springer-Verlag,1998,648-657
  • 6. Informal Conversation Environment for Collaborative Concept Formation, in Community Computing: Collaboration over Global Information Networks, Toru Ishida ed.,Kenji Mase, Yasuyuki Sumi, and Kazushi Nishimoto,John Wiley & Sons,1998,165-205