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Takashi Hashimoto Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area

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  • 1. Emergent constructive approach to Evolinguistics: On intention sharing and hierarchy formation,HASHIMOTO Takashi,The Emergence and Evolution of Social learning, Communication, Language and Culture in Natural and Artificial Agents in The 2018 Conference on Artificial Life,Tokyo, Japan,2018/7/25
  • 2. Skill Combination Game for Resolving Acceptance Concern in Civic Tech Collaboration,Onishi, S., Kobayashi, S., & Hashimoto, T.,The 49th Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA '18),Nakhon Pathom, Thailand,2018/07/09-13
  • 3. From language change to evolution and origins of language: A case study with constructive simulation of grammaticalization,HASHIMOTO Takashi,The (co-)evolution of genes, languages, and music from data analyses to theoretical models,Yokohama City University,2018/7/17
  • 4. Learning how to learn through experiential learning promoting metacognitive skills to improve knowledge co-creation ability,Koji Tanaka, Hieu Chi Dam, Shigeto Kobayashia, Takashi Hashimotoa, Mitsuru Ikeda,International Conference on Knowledge Management, ICKM 2016,Vienna, Austria,2016/10/11
  • 5. Three levels in human communication: Emergence and evolution,,Takashi Hashimoto,Tokyo Lectures in Language Evolution, The Japan Evolutionary Linguistics Forum,University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan,,2015.4.4
  • 6. Self-organization of community activity driven by subjective norm and self-efficacy,Hiroaki Yamada and Takashi Hashimoto,ECCS'14 European Conference on Complex Systems,IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy,2014/9/22-26
  • 7. Stability of dominant state and dynamics of learning in stochastic model of collective decision making,Akira Masumi and Takashi Hashimoto,International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB 19th 2014),B-Con PLAZA, Beppu, JAPAN,2014/1/22-24
  • 8. Institutional design for community activity driven by vicarious experience,Hiroaki Yamada and Takashi Hashimoto,International School on Knowledge Co-Creation,The Tide Resort, Bangsaen Beach, THAILAND,2014/1/29
  • 9. A fundamental course series of knowledge science: Cultivating knowledge co-creation ability,Takashi Hashimoto,International School on Knowledge Co-Creation,The Tide Resort, Bangsaen Beach, THAILAND,2014/1/29
  • 10. On formation of symbolic communication systems: Consideration with language evolution experiment and its cognitive simulations,Takeshi Hashimoto,ATR Internal seminar,国際電気通信基礎技術研究所(ATR),2014/3/11
  • 11. Experimental Semiotic Study on Displacement in Communication,Takashi Hashimoto and Kaori Tamura,Knowledge Science Spring Seminar 2014,University of Malta,2014/3/27
  • 12. Integrative approach to dynamic feature of symbolic communication system,Takashi Hashimoto,EvolangIX Workshop: “Constructive Approaches to Language Evolution”, 2012.3.13, Campus Plaza Kyoto, Japan
  • 13. Evolution of symbolic communication and language: Constructive and experimental approaches,,Takashi Hashimoto,Global COE International Symposium "Future Trends in the Biology of Language, 2011.3.9, Keio University
  • 14. Combining constructive and realistic simulations: Development of "SIGVerse" as an integrative simulator for sociointelligenesis,Takashi Hashimoto, Tetsunari Inamura, Tomohiro Shibata, Hideaki Sena,4th International Nonlinear Science Conference 2010,University of Palermo,2010/03/15
  • 15. Dynamic Hierarchical Structure of Currencies in Artificial International Money Market,Masanori Tsujino, Takashi Hashimoto,ECCS'10 European Conference on Complex Systems,Lisbon University Institute,2010/09/17
  • 16. Constructive approach to the origin and the evolution of language,Takashi Hashimoto,2009 Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering,The National Academies’ Beckman Center Irvine, California,2009/11/09
  • 17. Constructive approach to language evolution,Takashi Hashimoto,International Seminar on the Evolution and Emergence on Linguistic Communication (JAIST-EELC2010 ), 2010.3.11, Kyoto
  • 18. Creativity through language evolution,Takashi Hashimoto,11th Tamgawa Dynamic Brain Forum: Creativity, Dynamics, and Mutual Interaction,Hotel New-Akao in Atami,2009/3/03
  • 19. Origin and evolution of language through cognitive modelling of grammaticalization,,Takashi Hashimoto,IIAS Workshop on “Language, Cognition, and the Brain”,International Institute of Advanced Studied, Kyoto,2008/10-29-31
  • 20. Constructive study on dynamics of communication: The role of ambiguity and context,Masanori Fujimoto, ○Takashi Hashimoto,International Conference of Cognitive Science (ICCS 2008), 2008/07/27-29, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

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