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Jianwu Dang Professor
School of Information Science、Human Life Design Area

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  • 1. Studies on Speech Production,Fang, Q., Dang, J., Perrier, P., Wei, J., Wang, L., Yan, N.,Springer, 2018
  • 2. "Observations About Articulatory, Acoustic and Perceptual Characteristics of Laugh and Smile Speech in Comparison with Sad and Neutral Speech” In Trouvain, Jürgen & Campbell, Nick (eds.), Phonetics of Laughing, ,,Donna Erickson, Takaaki Shochi, Caroline Menezes and Jianwu Dang,Universaar – Saarland University Press: Saarbrücken, Germany.,2014/5/18,1–29
  • 3. Physiological Articulatory Model for Investigating Speech Production: modeling and Control ,Qiang Fang, Jianwu Dang,ISBN-NR. 978-3639173871, VDM Verlag,2009/7
  • 4. Speech Analysis: The Production-Perception Perspective/Advances in Chinese Spoken Language Processing,C. H. Lee, et al.,,L. Deng and J. Dang,World Scientific ,2007,1-32