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Shin-ya Ohki Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area

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  • 1. Introduction of NMR at JAIST,S. Ohki,JAIST JAPAN-INDIA Symposium on Materials Science 2017,JAIST, Ishikawa,2017/3/6-7
  • 2. Structure-Function Relationship of a New Kv1.2-Selective Scorpion Toxin, Mesomartoxin,X.Wang, Y.Umetsu, S.Zhu & S.Ohki.,27th ICMRBS,Kyoto,2016.8.21-26
  • 3. Protein NMR; From methodology to application,S. Ohki,BICON2015,Jaipur, India,2015.9.20-26
  • 4. NMR Study of Plant Defensin-like Peptides,S.Ohki, Y.Umetsu & M.Mori,XXVI ICMRBS,Dallas,2014.8.24-29
  • 5. The NMR structure of stomagen reveals the basis of stomatal density regulation by plant peptide hormones,S.Ohki, M.Takeuchi & M.Mori,The 4th NIBB-MPIPZ-TLL Symposium,Okazaki,2012.11.18-21
  • 6. Uniform and Site-specific 13C-labeling in Proteins Using Plant BY-2 Cells with Inducible Virus Vectors,M. Takeuchi, M. Mori & S. Ohki,ISNMR2011 (International Symposium on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 2011. 第50回NMR討論会記念国際シンポジウム),横浜,2011/11/15-18
  • 7. Protein sample preparation with plant cells; expression and labeling,S.Ohki, M.Takeuchi, A.Tamai, and M.Mori,24th ICMRBS,Cairns, Australia,2010年8月22〜27日
  • 8. 難易度の高いタンパク質試料の調製方法と標識技術の開発,大木進野,Bio Japan 2009,横浜,2009年10月7〜9日
  • 9. Effect of Parallel Processing and Optimization Techniques in Molecular Dynamics,K.Satou, K.Konno, O.Ohta, K.Mikami, K.Teranishi, Y.Yamada, and S.Ohki,The WSEAS International Conference on BIOMEDICAL ELECTRONICS and BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS (BEBI'08),Greece,20-22 August 2008
  • 10. Stable-Isotope labeling using plant cells and Inducible-virus vector,S.Ohki, K.Dohi, A.Tamai, M.Takeuchi, and M.Mori,23rd ICMRBS,San Diego, USA,2008年8月24-29日
  • 11. Phosphorylation-Triggered Molecular Switching Revealed by NMR study of a PP1 Inhibitory Protein, CPI-17,S.Ohki,International Symposium on Regulation of Protein Function through Post-translational Modifications: New Technologies and Application to Biomedical Systems,Sapporo,March/2006
  • 12. Structural basis of protein phosphatase-1 inhibitor, CPI-17,S.Ohki, M.Eto, K.Yokota & F.Matsuzawa,ICMRBS 21,ハイデラバード・インド,2005年1月
  • 13. Structure Determination of a Protein Containing an Unusual Amino Acid: Application to CPI-17,S.Ohki,M.Eto,K.Yokota & F.Matsuzawa,NT2004,石川ハイテクセンター(石川),9-10,Sep.2004
  • 14. Structural Study of Biomolecules as Use for Nano-Materials,S.Ohki,ICCE-11,South Carolina,8-14,Aug,2004