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Tsutomu Hamada Associate Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area

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  • 1. Design of artificial cells based on soft matter physics,Tsutomu Hamada,JAIST Japan-India Symposium on Materials Science 2015
  • 2. Dynamical properties of nano/micro-particles on lipid membranes,Tsutomu Hamada,Mini-Workshop on Structure and Dynamics of Biomembrane
  • 3. Artificial cellular membranes toward nanomedicine,Tsutomu Hamada,8th International Symposium on Nanomedicine,Ehime Univ.,2014/12/4-6
  • 4. Artificial lipid vesicles which produce cellular dynamics,Tsutomu Hamada,Development and future of artificial cells: Computation, fluctuation, and evolution,2014/6
  • 5. Organization and manipulation of a biomimetic soft interface,Tsutomu Hamada,International Symposium on Advanced Materials Science 2013
  • 6. Membrane lateral heterogeneity mediates the partitioning of nanocolloids in a size-dependent manner,Tsutomu Hamada,International Workshop "From Soft Matter to Protocell"
  • 7. Size-dependent partitioning of nanocolloids within phase-separated lipid membranes,Tsutomu Hamada,Self-organization and Emergent Dynamics in Active Soft Matter
  • 8. Photo-induced morphological transition of lipid vesicles,Tsutomu Hamada,Phase Transition Dynamics in Soft Matter,Kyoto Univ.,February 20-22, 2012
  • 9. Photochemical control on morphologies of a cell-sized synthetic vesicle,Tsutomu Hamada, Ken-ichi Ishii, Ryoko Sugimoto, Takeshi Nagasaki, Masahiro Takagi,International Symposium on Micro-NanoMehatronics and Human Science (MHS2009),Nagoya Univ.,09 Nov 2009
  • 10. Oscillatory pore motion of fluid vesicles (Poster),T. Hamada, Y. Hirabayashi, T. Ohta, and M. Takagi,International Symposium on Non-Equilibrium Soft Matter 2010,奈良県新公会堂,2010年8月17〜20日
  • 11. Reversible photo-switching in fluid vesicles: morphology, topology, and lateral domains,T. Hamada, R. Sugimoto, K. Ishii, T. Nagasaki, M. Takagi, The ISSP International Workshop on Soft Matter Physics,東大物性研,23-27 August, 2010
  • 12. Experimental study of an artificial biomembrane: morphological transition and oscillatory motion,Tsutomu Hamada,Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications,JAIST,2008Apr
  • 13. Budding dynamics in multi-component giant liposomes,Tsutomu Hamada, Ken-ichi Ishii, Masahiro Takagi,Julich Soft Matter Days 2008,Bonn, Germany,2008.11.12
  • 14. Domain-Mediated Endocytic Budding in a Raft Model Membrane,T.Hamada, Y.Miura, S.Araki, K.Yoshikawa, M.Takagi,International Workshop on "Physical Phenomena in Multi-Component Membranes",首都大,2008Mar