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Hajime Ishihara Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 1. Consistency of the intensional level of the Minimalist Foundation with Church’s thesis and axiom of choice,Hajime Ishihara, Maria Emilia Maietti, Samuele Maschio and Thomas Streicher,Archive for Mathematical Logic,57,873-888,2018
  • 2. The binary expansion and the intermediate value theorem in constructive reverse mathematics,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Takayuki Kihara and Takako Nemoto,Archive for Mathematical Logic,published online 10 May 2018
  • 3. On Brouwer's continuity principle,Hajime Ishihara,Indagationes Mathematicae,29,1511-1524,2018
  • 4. Constructive Functional Analysis: An Introduction,Hajime Ishihara,In: Klaus Mainzer, Peter Schuster and Helmut Schwichtenberg (eds.), "Proof and Computation: Digitization in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy", World Scientific,109-165,July 2018
  • 5. A note on the independence of premiss rule,Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,62,72-76,2016
  • 6. Non-deterministic inductive definition and Fullness,Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,In: Dieter Probst and Peter Schuster (eds.), "Concepts of Proof in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science". Ontos Mathematical Logic. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin,pp.163-170,2016
  • 7. Embedding classical in minimal implicational logic,Hajime Ishihara and Helmut Schwichtenberg,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,62,94-101,2016
  • 8. Completeness and cocompleteness of the categories of basic pairs and concrete spaces,Hajime Ishihara and Tatsuji Kawai,Math. Structures Comput. Sci.,25,1626-1648,2015
  • 9. Generalized geometric theories and set-generated classes,Peter Aczel, Hajime Ishihara, Takako Nemoto and Yasushi Sangu,Math. Structures Comput. Sci.,25,1466-1483,2015
  • 10. Some principles weaker than Markov's principle,Makoto Fujiwara, Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,Arch. Math. Logic,54,861-870,2015
  • 11. Classical propositional logic and decidability of variables in intuitionistic propositional logic,Hajime Ishihara,Logical Methods in Computer Science,10,3,2014
  • 12. Relating Bishop's function spaces to neighbourhood spaces,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,164,482-490,2013
  • 13. Uniformly convex Banach spaces are reflexive - constructively,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara and Maarten McKubre-Jordens,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,59,352-356,2013
  • 14. Some conservative extension results on classical and intuitionistic sequent calculi,Hajime Ishihara,In: U. Berger, H. Diener, P. Schuster and M. Seisenberger eds., Logic, Construction, Computation, Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt, 2012,289-304
  • 15. Two subcategories of apartness spaces,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,132-139,2012
  • 16. The weak Koenig lemma, Brouwer's fan theorem, de Morgan law, and dependent choice,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Rep. Math. Logic,47,63-86,2012
  • 17. The uniform boundedness theorem and a boundedness principle,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,1057-1061,2012
  • 18. On the contrapositive of countable choice,Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Arch. Math. Logic,50,137-143,2011
  • 19. A predicative completion of a uniform space,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Erik Palmgren and Peter Schuster,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,975-980,2012
  • 20. Kronecker's density theorem and irrational numbers in constructive reverse mathematics,Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Math. Semesterber.,57,57-72,2010

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