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Hajime Ishihara Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 1. Consistency of the intensional level of the Minimalist Foundation with Church’s thesis and axiom of choice,Hajime Ishihara, Maria Emilia Maietti, Samuele Maschio and Thomas Streicher,Archive for Mathematical Logic,published online 27 January 2018
  • 2. The binary expansion and the intermediate value theorem in constructive reverse mathematics,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Takayuki Kihara and Takako Nemoto,Archive for Mathematical Logic,published online 10 May 2018
  • 3. On Brouwer's continuity principle,Hajime Ishihara,Indagationes Mathematicae,published online 28 June 2018
  • 4. Constructive Functional Analysis: An Introduction,Hajime Ishihara,In: Klaus Mainzer, Peter Schuster and Helmut Schwichtenberg (eds.), "Proof and Computation: Digitization in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy", World Scientific,109-165,July 2018
  • 5. A note on the independence of premiss rule,Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,62,72-76,2016
  • 6. Non-deterministic inductive definition and Fullness,Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,In: Dieter Probst and Peter Schuster (eds.), "Concepts of Proof in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science". Ontos Mathematical Logic. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin,pp.163-170,2016
  • 7. Embedding classical in minimal implicational logic,Hajime Ishihara and Helmut Schwichtenberg,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,62,94-101,2016
  • 8. Completeness and cocompleteness of the categories of basic pairs and concrete spaces,Hajime Ishihara and Tatsuji Kawai,Math. Structures Comput. Sci.,25,1626-1648,2015
  • 9. Generalized geometric theories and set-generated classes,Peter Aczel, Hajime Ishihara, Takako Nemoto and Yasushi Sangu,Math. Structures Comput. Sci.,25,1466-1483,2015
  • 10. Some principles weaker than Markov's principle,Makoto Fujiwara, Hajime Ishihara and Takako Nemoto,Arch. Math. Logic,54,861-870,2015
  • 11. Classical propositional logic and decidability of variables in intuitionistic propositional logic,Hajime Ishihara,Logical Methods in Computer Science,10,3,2014
  • 12. Relating Bishop's function spaces to neighbourhood spaces,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,164,482-490,2013
  • 13. Uniformly convex Banach spaces are reflexive - constructively,Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara and Maarten McKubre-Jordens,MLQ Math. Log. Q.,59,352-356,2013
  • 14. Some conservative extension results on classical and intuitionistic sequent calculi,Hajime Ishihara,In: U. Berger, H. Diener, P. Schuster and M. Seisenberger eds., Logic, Construction, Computation, Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt, 2012,289-304
  • 15. Two subcategories of apartness spaces,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,132-139,2012
  • 16. The weak Koenig lemma, Brouwer's fan theorem, de Morgan law, and dependent choice,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Rep. Math. Logic,47,63-86,2012
  • 17. The uniform boundedness theorem and a boundedness principle,Hajime Ishihara,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,1057-1061,2012
  • 18. On the contrapositive of countable choice,Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Arch. Math. Logic,50,137-143,2011
  • 19. A predicative completion of a uniform space,Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Erik Palmgren and Peter Schuster,Ann. Pure Appl. Logic,163,975-980,2012
  • 20. Kronecker's density theorem and irrational numbers in constructive reverse mathematics,Hajime Ishihara and Peter Schuster,Math. Semesterber.,57,57-72,2010

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