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Satoshi Tojo Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 1. Concept Similarity under the Agent’s Preferences for the Description Logic FL0 with Unfoldable TBox,Teeradaj Racharak and Satoshi Tojo,ICAART 2018, Lecture Note in Artificial Intelligence
  • 3. Computational Detection of Local Cadence on Revised TPS,Masaki Matsubara, Yuki Ishiwa, Yui Uehara and Satoshi Tojo,CSMC 2018
  • 4. Music Generation System Based on a Human Instinctive Creativity,Hidefumi Ohmura, Takuro Shibayama, Keiji Hirata and Satoshi Tojo,CSMC 2018
  • 5. Applying Melody Morphing Method to Composition,Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata and Satoshi Tojo,CSMC 2018
  • 6. Recurrent Neural network-based models for recognizing requisite and effectuation parts in legal texts,Truong-Son Nguyen, Le-Minh Nguyen, Ken Satoh, Satoshi Tojo, and Akira Shimazu,Aritificial Intelligence and Law,26,2,169-199,2018
  • 7. PERSONALIZING A CONCEPT SIMILARITY MEASURE IN THE DESCRIPTION LOGIC ELH WITH PREFERENCE PROFILE,Teeradaj Racharak, Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn, Satoshi Tojo,Computing and Informatics,37,3,581-613,2018
  • 8. Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Belief Change in Legal Judgments,Pimolluck Jirakunkanok, Katsuhiko Sano, Satoshi Tojo,Artificial Intelligence and Law,26,3,201-249,2018/08/20
  • 9. Tuning Agent's Profile for Similarity Measure in Description Logic ELH,Teeradaj Racharak, Satoshi Tojo,ICAART2017
  • 10. Combining Answer Set Programming with Description Logics for Analogical Reasoning Under an Agent's Preferences,Teeradaj Racharak, Satoshi Tojo, Nguyen Duy Hung, Prachya Boonkwan,IEA/AIE 2017
  • 11. Single and multiple layer BI-LSTM-CRF for recognizing requisite and effectuation parts in legal texts,Son Nguyen Truong, Nguyen Le Minh, Ken Satoh, Tojo Satoshi and Akira Shimazu,ICAIL2017-workshop ASAIL2017
  • 12. deepGTTM-III: Simultaneous Learning of Grouping and Metrical Structures,Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata and Satoshi Tojo,CMMR2017
  • 13. On Linear Algebraic Representation of Time-span and Prolongational Trees,Satoshi Tojo, Alan Marsden and Keiji Hirata,CMMR2017
  • 14. Investigation of a Computational Unit Model for Mode and Rhythm Based on Deviations from and Realizations of Musical Expectations,Hidefumi Ohmura, Keiji Hirata, Satoshi Tojo and Takuro Shibayama,CMMR2017
  • 15. DEMO+A:Epistemic Reasoning System with Awareness and its Legal Application,Tetsuji Goto, Ryo Hatano, Satoshi Tojo,JURISIN2017, JSAI-isAI
  • 16. Teaching modallogic from linear algebraic viewpoints,Ryo Hatano, Katsuhiko Sano, Satoshi Tojo,Journal of Logics and Their Applications,4,1,2017
  • 17. Harmonic analysis based on Tonal Pitch Space,Shouki Sakamoto, Sean Arn, Masaki Matsubara and Satoshi Tojo,KSE2016
  • 18. CCG Analyzer with Tonal Pitch Space for Non-Classical Chords,Takeshi Fukunari, Sean Arn and Satoshi Tojo,KSE2016
  • 19. Revisiting Cadential Retention in GTTM,Masaki Matsubara, Takafumi Kodama and Satoshi Tojo,KSE2016
  • 20. Reranking CCG Parser for Jazz Chord Sequences,Hong Xuan Ong, Minh Nguyen and Satoshi Tojo,KSE2016

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