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Hiroshi Mizuta Professor
School of Materials Science、Energy and Environment Area

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  • 1. Nitrogen Ion Microscopy,Marek E. Schmidt, Masashi Akabori, and Hiroshi Mizuta,InTech
  • 2. Inter-band Current Enhancement by Dopant-Atoms in Low-Dimensional pn Tunnel Diodes,D. Moraru, M. Muruganathan, L.T. Anh, R. Nuryadi, H. Mizuta, M. Tabe,Springer International Publishing
  • 3. NEMS devices (Nanoscale Silicon Devices),Y. Tsuchiya and H. Mizuta,CRD Press
  • 4. Plasma Etching of Graphene (Encyclopedia of Plasma Technology),J. Sun and H. Mizuta,Taylor & Francis
  • 5. Ultrasensitive in-plane resonant nanoelectromechanical sensors’, Nanoscale Sensors (Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology),F. Arab Hassani, Y. Tsuchiya, A. Ionescu and H. Mizuta,ISBN 978-3319027715, pp.245-276, Springer, 2014
  • 6. Growth and characterisation of Ge nanowires by chemical vapour deposition,C. Li, H. Mizuta and S. Oda,In Tech ISBN 978-953-307-318-7,2011,pp. 487-508