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Atsuko Miyaji Professor
School of Information Science(Department of Information Science・Theoretical Information Science)

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  • 1. The 16th IEEE International Conference On Trust, SecurityAnd Privacy In Computing And Communications, Best Paper Award,TrustCom 2017,2017
  • 2. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,2016
  • 3. ATIS2016 Best Paper Award,International Conference on Applications and Technologies in Information Security (ATIS) 2016,2016
  • 4. Research Category, Prizes for Science and Technology, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology,2014
  • 5. Engineering Sciences Society: Contribution Award,IEICE,2012
  • 6. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,2012
  • 7. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,Information Processing Society of Japan,2010
  • 8. ADMA2010 Best Paper Award,The International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA2010),2010
  • 9. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,Information Processing Society of Japan,2009
  • 10. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan,2008
  • 11. DoCoMo Mobile Science Awards,NPO Mobile Communication Fund,2008
  • 12. AWARD for the contribution to CULTURE of SECURITY,2007
  • 13. the Director-General of Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau Award,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,2007
  • 14. IPSJ/ITSCJ Project Editor Award,IPSJ/ITSCJ,2007
  • 15. 2007 Engineering Sciences Society: Certificate of Appreciation,IEICE,2007
  • 16. Certificate of Appreciation,IEICE,2005
  • 17. the Standardization Contribution Award,IPSJ,2003
  • 18. the IPSJ Sakai Special Researcher Award,IPSJ,2002
  • 19. Notable Invention Award of the Science and Technology Agency,the Science and Technology Agency,1997
  • 20. Young Paper Award of SCIS'93,SCIS (IEICE),1993