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Eunyoung Kim Associate Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Human Life Design Area

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  • 1. Workshop Design for Enhancing the Appropriateness of Idea Generation Using Analogical Thinking,Eunyoung Kim,International Journal of Innovation Studies,1,2,5, 15,2017/11/20
  • 2. Japanese policy and programs for the fostering of global entrepreneurs,Eunyoung Kim,STI Policy Review,7,1,40, 26,2016/07/01
  • 3. Analogical Thinking for Generation of Innovative Ideas: An Exploratory Study of Influential Factors,Eunyoung Kim, Hideyuki Horii,Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management,11,201, 14,2016/07/19
  • 4. Designing the Workshop Process for Generating Innovative Ideas: Theoretical and Empirical Approach,Eunyoung Kim, Hideyuki Horii,Business and Management Studies,2,4,30, 12,2016/12/01
  • 5. A Study on an Assessment Framework for The Novelty Of IdeasGenerated By Analogical Thinking,Eunyoung Kim, Hideyuki Horii,Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences,195,c,1396, 11,2015/07/03
  • 6. E-Cooperation with Social Media on Global Crisis: Emergence of micro-level communication,Eunyoung Kim,Journal of Appropriate Technology,4,1,33, 22,2012/04/15
  • 7. Information Network Village (INVIL) Project,Eunyoung Kim,Innovation and Development Network,2012,17,20,2012/02/15
  • 8. Early Stage International Collaboration of S&T in Korea : Development of International Collaboration of S&T in 1960s,Eunyoung Kim,Innovation and Development Network,2011,24,18,2012/02/01
  • 9. Modernization of ICT Infrastructure for Public Uses in Korea : The Case of Electronic Government (e-Government) System in 1990s and 2000s,Eunyoung Kim,Innovation and Development Network,2011,23,19,2011/12/30
  • 10. Early Stage Infrastructure Development Project in ICT Sector in Korea : Strategy and Outcomes of Policies to Increase Subscription Rate for Household Telephony from 1960s to 1990s,Eunyoung Kim,Innovation and Development Network,1,2011,18,2011/12/29