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Xiaobin Zhang Assistant Professor
School of Materials Science、Applied Physics Area

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  • 1. Template Conversion of Covalent Organic Frameworksinto 2D Conducting Nanocarbons for Catalyzing OxygenReduction Reaction,Qing Xu, Yanping Tang, Xiaobin Zhang, Yoshifumi Oshima, Qiuhong Chen and Donglin Jiang,Advanced Materials,1706330,2018/3/5
  • 2. A stable lithium-rich surface structure for lithium-rich layered cathode materials,S. Kim, W. Cho, X. Zhang, Y. Oshima and J. W. Choi,Nature Communications,7,13598,2016/11/25
  • 3. Three-dimensional characterization of Guinier–Preston zones in an Al–Cu alloy using depth-sectioning technique,T. Hamaoka, C. Y. Jao, X. Zhang, Y. Oshima and M. Takeguchi,Microscopy,66,78−88,2016/12/7
  • 4. Interaction study of nitrogen ion beam with silicon,M. E. Schmidt, X. Zhang, Y. Oshima, L. T. Anh, A. Yasaka, T. Kanzaki, M. Muruganathan, M. Akabori, T. Shimoda and H. Mizuta,Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B,35,03D101,2017/02
  • 5. 強度輸送方程式を用いた位相マッピング,大島 義文,張 暁賓,顕微鏡,52,1,19−23,2017/3/21
  • 6. Atomic resolved Phase Map of monolayer MoS2 retrieved by Spherical Aberration-Corrected Transport of Intensity Equation,X. Zhang and Y. Oshima,Microscopy,65,5,422−428,2016/7/6
  • 7. Practical procedure for retrieval of quantitative phase map for two-phase interface using the transport of intensity equation,X. Zhang and Y. Oshima,Ultramicroscopy,158,49−55,2015/7/4
  • 8. Experimental evaluation of spatial resolution in phase maps retrieved by transport of intensity equation,X. Zhang and Y. Oshima,Microscopy,64,6,395−400,2015/8/12
  • 9. Improvement of depth resolution of ADF-SCEM by deconvolution: Effects of electron energy loss and chromatic aberration on depth resolution,X. Zhang, M. Takeguchi, A. Hashimoto, K. Mitsuishi, M. Tezuka and M. Shimojo,Microsc. Microanal.,18,603−611,2012/1/3
  • 10. Three-dimensional observation of SiO2 hollow spheres with a double-shell structure using aberration-corrected scanning confocal electron microscopy,X. Zhang, M. Takeguchi, A. Hashimoto, K. Mitsuishi, P. Wang, P. D. Nellist, A. I. Kirkland, M. Tezuka and M. Shimojo,J. Electron Microsc.,61,3,159−169,2012/3/29
  • 11. Application of scanning confocal electron microscopy to nanomaterials and the improvement in resolution by image processing,X. Zhang, M. Takeguchi, A. Hashimoto, K. Mitsuishi and M. Shimojo,Mater. Sci. Forum,675−677,259−262,2011/2