Call for Papers



The 14th IPSJ-SIG-GI Workshop on Game Informatics

Taipei - September 5, 2005


Workshop Program


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Held in Conjunction With


The 12th Advances in Computer Games Conference

Taipei September 6-8, 2005





The 10th Computer Olympiad

Taipei September 3-9, 2005



Organized by


IPSJ-SIG-GI Workshop Program Committee

Special Interest Group on Game Informatics, Information Processing Society of Japan



Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the current state of game-playing programs,
  • new theoretical developments in game-related research,
  • general scientific contributions produced by the study of games,
  • AI techniques applied to games, such as machine learning, heuristic search, knowledge representation, data-mining, and path finding,
  • social aspects of computer games,
  • cognitive research on how humans play games, and
  • issues related to networked games.


Paper Submission:


Please, limit your paper to 8 pages, taking 3cm margin of top/bottom and 2.5cm of left/right side on A4 size.


We only accept paper submissions in PDF format.


The submission of an abstract is handled by the Program Committee. This is optional and authors are free to submit either or both an abstract and their full paper anytime until July 4, 2005.


For any other questions regarding this workshop or its submission and review processes, please contact workshop chairs directly.





Presenters and participants must register by August 2, 2005. Please contact workshop chairs directly.


No registration fee.




July 4, 2005 Abstract Submission Due Close

July 14, 2005 Paper Acceptance Notice Sent to Authors Sent

August 6, 2005 Full Paper (Camera-Ready) Submission Due

September 5, 2005 Workshop



Workshop Chairs:


Prof. Hiroyuki Iida

Research Centre for Computers and Games

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

E-mail: iida@jaist.ac.jp


Dr. Takeshi Itoh

Department of Computer Science

University of Electro-Communications

E-mail: ito@cs.uec.ac.jp


Dr. Teigo Nakamura

Department of Artificial Intelligence

Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering

Kyushu Institute of Technology

E-mail: teigo@ai.kyutech.ac.jp


Dr. Tomoyuki Kaneko

Department of General Systems Studies

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The University of Tokyo

E-mail: kaneko@graco.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp