What's New

World Championship Series of Computer Shogi 2007 (2007, Jan. 29-30 )
On January 29 and 30, World Championship Series of Computer Shogi were held to determine the winner of champions. The entrants are YSS (winner of 2006, Computer Olympiad 2006, and King of Computer Shogi 2005), Gekisashi (Computer Shogi World Chapmpionship 2005), Bonanza (Computer Shogi World Championship 2006), and our computer shogi Tacos (Computer Olympiad 2005). We will report simultaneously on the Internet. information materials  is here.

New D-K Live Event in Kanazawa (2007, Jan. 26-30 )
D-K (Digital Kakejiku) is New Art created by Hasegawa. Now, we try to evolve the D-K. On January 26-30, we demonstrat newly-evolved D-K in Kanazawa Culture Hall. We will be waiting for you. Document is here. more...