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This symposium was organized in the series of ''intelligence of masters '' symposiums, in which we discuss and have some insight into the relation between arts and games. Professor Y. Washiyama from University of Kanazawa (Creation and Arts for Education), Mr. J. Kim (Modern Artist) and Mrs. S. Asakura (Calligrapher) were speakers in the symposium. Creative composition is the repeated task to overcome your own fixed idea or prejudice. Clear conscience of composers can be the basis of the real creative works in arts as well as in the other domains.

2 pgs (2006), ''Intelligence of Masters'' Symposium, July 5, JAIST



It may be an appropriate time to discuss the social impact of computer shogi, especially the influence to the human professional community as well as the amateur community. That is why the panel discussion was organized alongside with the AI conference in Japan. Dr. T. Itoh, Mr. H. Yamashita (the author of YSS), Mr. H. Yamagishi (journalist), Mr. N. Ohuchi (shogi GM-9dan) and Dr. H.Iida were speakers in the panel, chaired by Dr. H. Matsubara. 2012 is the year expected by many panelists, by which a computer wins against the human champion. An interesting topic was how the shogi federation (professional community) would survive even after 2012.

4 pgs (2006), 20th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, June 9, Tokyo



It was a tough match. Only strong programs took place the computer shogi tournament of the Computer Olympiad. Bonanza (the winner of the latest World Computer Shogi Championship in Tokyo), YSS (the winner of the latest Computer Shogi Grand Prix Match in Tokyo) and TACOS (the winner of the 10th Computer Olympiad in Taipei) played two games as Black and White each other under the condition of 60 minutes thinking time for each. This tournament resulted in the tie-score, i.e., each won two games and lost two games.

7 pgs (2006), Shogi Tournament, 11th Computer Olympiad, May 29-31, Turin, Italy



It is a news letter that has been sent to people who may be interested in our research activities. It reports the 16th World Computer Shogi Championship and makes announcement on the 11th Computer Olympiad, AI Panel on Computer Shogi, and other related events.

2 pgs (2006), May, JAIST


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