__Masters, Pieces and Shogi (11/10/2005)
Master Craftsman in the domain of shogi pieces, Mr. Ryoson Kumazawa will provide his lecture. A tentative program is here.

__Computers and Games Research: Past, Present and Future (29-30/9/2005)
Four keynote lectures will be provided at the Fall Symposium of gMasters and Their Intelligencesh JAIST internal project. A tentative program is here.

__Man-Machine Exhibition Match ? Tacos challenging GM (18/9/2005)
In the 29th Hokkoku Osho-Cup Shogi Tournament which was held on 18th September 2005 in Komatsu, Japan, a non-handicap game between Computer and GM was played in public. It was the first time in the history of computer shogi. 5-dan brilliant GM, Mr. Takanori Hashimoto was so brave to accept the challenging task to defend the human intelligence in the domain of shogi. Tacos played first and chose the static rook line in the opening. GM Hashimoto followed the opening line while changing his bishop with the bishop of Tacos. Tacos had a good development with some advantages in the opening and middle game, even till the 80th moves. Audience including many amateur players expected that Tacos would be going to win. However, GM Hashimoto made a miracle defense and Tacos had started to play somewhat strange moves. See the detail in Japanese at this page.

__Tacos Won Shogi Tournament at the 10th Computer Olympiad (10/9/2005)
The first Computer Olympiad was held in London (UK) in 1989. Since then, the competition has continued to attract renowned computer game software designers from around the world. Taiwan has vigorously participated in this world-class event for several years, with outstanding results. This was the first time the competition is held in Taipei, in close cooperation with Chang Jung Christian University and the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. The 10th Computer Olympiad was held on September 3-10. TACOS, a computer shogi program which has been developed in one of our research project won the gold medal. The research project has been in part supported by PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Agency.

__Prof Iida gave a keynote lecture at the 11th ACG Conference (7/9/2005)
The Advances in Computer Games Conference (ACG), formerly known as the Advances in Computer Chess Conference, is organized by the International Computer Games Association. The objective of the conference is to provide an international forum for researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as applied to computer games, to present the latest results of their ongoing work. This bi-annual forum has a long and reputable history in the field of computer games. The 10th ACG was held in Austria in 2003. This year, the conference was held in Asia for the first time. The 11th ACG was held from September 6 to September 8 at the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. In the conference, Prof. dr. Hiroyuki Iida was invited to be a keynote speaker. The lecture title was gTowards dynamics of intelligence in the filed of gamesh.