The Research Center for Integrated Science was founded in April of 2007 to establish a research base for developing advanced studies and extending the frontiers of interdisciplinary fields. The organization of the Research Center is independent of schools and other centers in JAIST while it keeping a close connection with them.


Headed by the JAIST President T. Katayama the staff of the RCIS, including two distinguished professors, several associate and assistant professors, and guest professors from other national and foreign universities are integrating advanced research in a variety of topics with extending international collaborations and exchanges.

Scientific Missions


The main missions of RCIS is to take the initiative in developing advanced research programs in JAIST. To this aim, we support and promote collaborations with research organizations in Japan and abroad, and exchanges of researchers and PhD students with those organizations. To facilitate and foster collaboration and research we also organize international conferences and workshops.

Fosterring of New Integrated Research Fields

RCIS aims at producing advanced research in integrated fields, overcoming borderlines between schools and specialties. For this purpose, collaboration among staff from all JAIST schools and centers is essential. We organize “Multi-dimension” Seminars to promote interdisciplinary research, and also support “Collaborative” Seminars for frank exchanges of ideas on education and research among all staffs and students in JAIST.

Computational Science and Mathematical Logic

RCIS focuses in particular on computational science in relation to nanotechnology, and on mathematical logic.

  • Computational Science: As is symbolically shown by the “Next Generation Supercomputer Project”, the importance of computational science is expected to increase in the future. Because of its interdisciplinary character computational science is regarded as one of the major fields to be pursued at RCIS. The present RCIS has a solid group of specialists in this field. Using this advantage, we are constructing an active base for computational science through our expanding network of cooperating institutions.
  • Mathematical Logic: Mathematical logic is an area that is fundamental not only in mathematics and philosophy but also in computer science, linguistics and cognitive science as well. The logic research group in JAIST is known for its contributions in particular to nonclassical logics. In close cooperation with researchers in related fields at JAIST, we organize international workshops lectures and seminars by prominent researchers from abroad on mathematical logic and its applications.