RCIS organizes various seminars to promote interdisciplinary research, including Multi-dimension Seminar and Advanced Lectures by prominent researchers from outside, and also plans and supports Collaborative Seminar to exchange ideas on education and research among staffs of JAIST.

Logic Series

Multi-dimension Series

120th Presentation on Drupal Norbert Preining 2014/08/29
45th Substitutions and rules Rosalie Iemhoff 2012/11/13
44th Information distance Sebastiaan A. Terwijn 2012/11/09
43th Tableau/Sequent Duality Melvin Fitting 2012/11/01
42th Sequent Systems and Defining Rules Greg Restall 2012/09/07
41th Rediscovering Structural Proof Theory: an algebraic account Nikolaos Galatos 2012/09/07
40th Optimal model selection procedures under sparsity with... Florian Frommlet 2012/08/20
39th “Physics and Chemistry of Carbon” and Energy Toshiaki Enoki, Masaharu Oshima, Haoshen ZHOU 2012/03/06
38th Epsilon Calculus in Nonclassical Logics Matthias Baaz 2012/02/23
37th Deep inference: why and how Michel Parigot 2011/11/09

Frontier Series

Computational Science Series

JAIST Advanced Lecture Series

8th Ontology-based Data Access Frank Wolter 2013/03/18
7th COMPUTATION AS AGENCY J. van Benthem 2012/10/02
6th Ontology-Based Data Access and Constraint Satisfaction Frank Wolter 2012/03/13
5th Logic, Information, Evidence, and Knowledge Johan van Benthem 2011/10/18
4th Craig Interpolation and Theory Decomposition Prof. Frank Wolter 2010/09/21 - 2010/09/22
3th Games meet Computation Prof.Johan van Benthem 2010/05/10
2th From Pure Logic to Ontology Engineering Prof. Frank Wolter 2009/04/07 - 2009/04/10
1th From Computation to Intelligent Interaction, New Trends in... Prof.Johan van Benthem 2009/04/03