Russian - JAIST research seminar on first order intermediate logicsRussian - JAIST research seminar on first order intermediate logics
Wed, 2012/10/03 - Fri, 2012/10/05

Several researchers from Russia plus some other researchers will visit the JAIST for a three day intensive workshop on First Order Intermediate Logics.

=== October 3rd: 13:00 -- 16:00 ====

Valentin Shehtman: A survey on axiomatizability/definability in first order intermediate logics

--- Discussions and Break ---

Hiroakira Ono: Notes on interpolation theorems of intermediate predicate logics

=== October 4th: 9:00 -- 16:00 ====

Matthias Baaz: Interpolation theorem

--- Discussions and Break

Katsuhiko Sano: Sequent calculus for a hierarchy of first-order inquisitive logics

--- Discussions and Lunch ---

Dmitrij Skvortsov: Axiomatizability of superintuitinistic predicate logics of some classes of Kripke sheaves that are not reducible to Kripke frames

--- Discussions and Break ---

Norbert Preining: Non recursively enumerability of logics of some linear Kripke frames with increasing and constant domains

=== October 5th: 9:00 -- 12:00 ====

Lev Beklemishev: Generalizations of Gödel's second theorem to systems of arithmetic based on non-classical logic

--- Discussions ---