39th Logic Seminar
Kohei Kishida

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam

2012-11-26, 13:30-14:30

Seminar room of the RCIS, 3. floor

Neighborhood semantics for propositional modal logic generalizes and unifies both Kripke and topological semantics. This generalization accommodates several applications and interpretations of modal operators that are not available to Kripke semantics; the most notable among them is an epistemic, "verifiability" interpretation that captures a finitary nature of justificatory procedures. These applications and interpretations, when extended to first-order modal logic, require a flexible treatment of first-order ontology. We show that taking sheaf-like structures over neighborhood frames extends the neighborhood unification mentioned above to the first order, in such a natural way that the treatment of first-order ontology it provides is flexible enough to extend the desired applications and interpretations to first-order modal logic.

Contact Person

Hiroakira Ono