5th JAIST Advanced Lecture Series
Logic, Information, Evidence, and Knowledge
Johan van Benthem

Prof. of Univ. of Amsterdam,
Prof. of Stanford Univ.,
Guest Prof. of JAIST

2011/10/18 15:10-16:30

KS Lecture Hall

Information and knowledge are important notions across many academic disciplines, but philosophers are still the most ancient nobility concerned with understanding them. We will discuss some recent developments at the interface of logic and epistemology that seem of general interest. Our topics include: old and new definitions of knowledge, dynamic scenarios of information flow and interaction, and recent theories of the nature of evidence. In all these cases, philosophical investigation goes together naturally with the construction of new logical systems.


(1) P. Adriaans & J. van Benthem, eds., 2009, "Handbook of the Philosophy of Information", Elsevier, Amsterdam.
(2) J. van Benthem, 2011, "Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction", Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
(3) A. Baltag, J. van Benthem & S. Smets, in preparation, "The Music of Knowledge".
(4) W. Holliday, 2011, "Epistemic Logicand Epistemology", PhD thesis, Stanford.

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