7th JAIST Advanced Lecture Series
J. van Benthem

Prof. of Univ. of Amsterdam,
Prof. of Stanford Univ.,
Guest Prof. of JAIST

2012/10/02 15:10-16:30

K Lecture room 3・4

What computers can compute is a continuing topic of debate.
I will discuss a view of computation as akin to social agency.
This involves computing with knowledge and belief, a role
for making mistakes and program revision, and interaction
as the basic pattern of computation. I will discuss some
basic issues that arise then in the foundations of computing,
including the current status of Church's Thesis and Turing's
Test. In the process, computer science meets game theory,
logic, philosophy, and more: going the 'Informatics way'.


J. van Benthem, 2011, "Logical Dynamics of Information
and Interaction", Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
2013, "Logic in Games", The MIT Press, Cambridge Mass.

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Hiroakira Ono