Industrial Collaboration Promotion Center
(1)Completed: March 1996
(2)Structure: Three-story reinforced concrete
(3)Area: Construction area 979m2、Floor area 2,034m2

■Researchers’ Rooms (8 single rooms, 1 room for two, and 1 room for three)

Offices for researchers who are sent from companies for joint research. The rooms are equipped with desks, cabinets, and lockers. The access to the Internet is also provided through the JAIST network.

■Laboratories for Joint Research (3 large labs and 2 small labs)

Laboratories where researchers bring necessary experimental equipment for their joint research. Since necessary experimental equipment may vary depending on the research themes, dedicated equipment is not provided. Rather, general equipment such as storage cabinets, benches, and sinks is provided.

■Seminar Room

The seminar room is equipped with a variety of audio-visual equipment. If necessary, students can use PCs (one PC for each) for their practice.

■Entrance Hall

A space for conversation, meetings, breaks, and networking.

■Other Facilities

Meeting rooms (1 medium-size room and 2 small rooms), visiting professors’ rooms, a technology exchange corner, a lounge, and an exhibition corner.