Industrial Collaboration

The Center systematically strives to enhance industrial collaboration with assistance given by JAIST’s graduate schools and other centers. In cooperation with JAIST Foundation, the Center also provides up-to-date information about advanced science and technology to engineers in the business community.

Management of Intellectual Properties

In an effort to return JAIST’s research achievements to the society, the Center provides a variety of services in relation to the management of intellectual properties.

Career Support through Industrial Collaboration

Through global industrial collaboration, the Center supports practical career building for doctoral course students who wish to work for industrial fields.

Assistance for Highly-specialized Human Resources Development

The Center promotes innovative research and development which may lead to business ventures, and assists the development of human resources having highly-specialized capabilities and creativity.

Investigation and Acquisition Support for Research Funds

The Center investigates and analyzes domestic and foreign research funds, and provides such information to JAIST’s researchers.