Minoru Terano, Director

Yasushi Inamoto, Professor

Tomoo Yamamoto, Professor

Isao Kanehira, Coordinator, Industry-Academia Collaborations
[Intellectual Properties & Industry-Academia Collaborations Group]
Shigeji Nakaguro, Chief University Research Administrator
Yasuko Nakada, University Research Administrator
Toru Wada,University Research Administrator
[Patent Advisors]
Yuhei Kimori, President and Patent Attorney, Kimori International Patent Office
Takuya Ohsugi, Patent Attorney, YuNeed International Patent Office
Yasuji Matsuura, President and Patent Attorney, Matsuura International Patent Office
Toru Umino, President and Patent Attorney, Hyakumanngoku IP LAW FIRM
Yousuke Koreeda, Patent Attorney, Koreeda & Co.
Shoko Mitani, Patent Attorney, Mitani International Patent GmbH
We appoint patent attorneys who are familiar with the research fields in JAIST as patent advisors, who assess patentability and give technical advices about patenting as well as conduct enlightenment on intellectual properties creation.     
[Contract Advisors]
Hajime Harada, Attorney, Harada Law Office
Kenji Yamaguchi, Attorney, Seiwa Patent & Law
Hisateru Oku,
Katsumi Nishii, Hayate-Gijyutsu-Keiei, Certified SME Management Consultant
We appoint experts who are familiar with joint research agreements, commissioned research agreements, licensing agreements, agreements on intellectual properties and agreements on Technical Services  (collectively called “joint research agreements, etc.”) as contract advisors, who give advices concerning joint research agreements, etc.                         
[Technical Advisor]
Takayuki Minamiyama
We appoint experienced project leaders of a company related to the research fields in JAIST or experts of technological and patent strategies as technical advisors, who give advices about technological/market value assessment and potential technology expansion of intellectual properties.                         
[Industry Relations Section]
Mayumi Shijima, Chief
Yuko Toda, Chief
Miyoko Minami, Staff Member
Yuko Takemoto,Staff Member
Yoko Sakaguchi,Staff Member