Joint Research

Researchers of external organizations and JAIST’s teaching staff share common research themes. Creative research results can be expected by exchanging ideas and opinions of industrial, academic, and governmental researchers. There are two options; Dispatch Type or Shared Type. Dispatch Type: External organizations dispatch researchers to JAIST and the research is conducted at JAIST. Shared Type: External organizations and JAIST share the research and each party conducts the research at its own base.

Expenses owed by external organizations

□Direct Expenses
Expenses directly required for the joint research, such as equipment, consumables, utilities, and travels.

□Expenses for Dispatched Researchers
Expenses required by JAIST to accept researchers dispatched by external organizations; 420,000 yen per year/researcher (as of 2010). Not necessary if no researchers are dispatched to JAIST.

How to deal with Patents

Patents are usually owned by JAIST and the external organizations jointly, and the shares are decided depending on the contribution of each party. Implementation of patents is done by (one of) external organizations. It is possible to give a priority to implement the patents to the external organizations or a third party nominated by the external organizations.