Scholarship Donations

JAIST respectfully accepts donations from external organizations and individuals in order to strengthen its education and research.

Conditions for Accepting Donations

  1. JAIST does not accept donations which are accompanied by either of the following conditions:
    • JAIST transfers properties which JAIST has purchased by using the donation to the contributor for free.
    • JAIST transfers to the contributor or grants the contributor permission to use intellectual properties which JAIST has created by using the donation.
    • The contributor audits the usage of the donation.
    • The contributor can cancel all or a part of the donation at will after the application for the donation.
    • Any other special conditions.
  2. When JAIST’s teaching staff has received a donation directly, the staff has to transfer it to JAIST’s account without delay if either of the following conditions meets. (Personal accounting is prohibited.)
    • The donation has been given for education/research on the job.
    • The donation has been given for education/research which is conducted using JAIST’s facilities or equipment.


  1. Application for a Donation
    Please send the application form to the contact shown below.
    Application Form (WORD)
  2. Payment of the Donation
    Please transfer money to JAIST’s account by using a transfer request form which will be sent to you after the decision to accept your donation has been made.

Tax Incentives

In case of donation by corporations, the full amount can be tax-deductible in addition to the deductible amount for general donation.
In case of donation by individuals, the part exceeding 2,000 yen of the donation amount is subject to an income deduction with limits of 40% of the annual income of the applicable year.

For scholarship donations contact:

Research Promotion Section, Research Affairs Department

TEL:0761-51-1917 FAX:0761-51-1919