Provision and Licensing of Intellectual Properties and Research Results

JAIST provides or license intellectual properties and research results to external organizations. Intellectual properties and research results of JAIST include the following items.

・Reagents, Samples, Experimental animals, Plants, Cell strains, Fungus strains,   Genes, Prototypes, Experimental equipment.
・Software programs, Data bases

JAIST provides or license these items. In practice, when JAIST is requested by companies or research institutes for providing or licensing intellectual properties or research results created by its teaching staff, the contact point shown below deals with the requests and provides consultation.

When necessary, JAIST makes contracts with the companies or research institutions before providing or licensing the results.

(The above procedures are free of charge in some cases.)

For provision and licensing of intellectual properties and research results contact:

Center for Investigation of Advanced Science and Technology
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
TEL:0761-51-1431  FAX:0761-51-1427