Types of Collaborations with External Organizations

【Joint Research and Services】
(1) Joint Research Researchers of external organizations and JAIST’s teaching staff share common research themes. Dispatch type: External organizations dispatch researchers to JAIST. Shared type: Either party conducts the research at its own base. Joint Research Rules
(2) Commissioned Research JAIST’s teaching staff conducts research projects which are entrusted by external organizations and reports the results back to them.
Commissioned Research Rules 
(3) Technical Services JAIST conducts measurements, prototyping, and experiments by using latest equipment which is hardly available to private or public organizations. JAIST also conducts technical training and consultation by utilizing its knowledge.
Technical Services Rules
【Training for External Researchers】
(4) Commissioned Researchers JAIST accepts researchers from external organizations together with research themes, and its teaching staff provides training of a post-graduate level.
*Requests from JAIST
Joint research, commissioned research and/or acceptance of commissioned researchers are required to have JAIST’s examining authority check the contents of the research, ability to conduct the research and make a contract, etc. Research results are published in principle. For the timing and the methods of publication please consult with JAIST’s teaching staff in charge.
【Intellectual Properties and Research Results】
(5) Provision and Licensing of Intellectual Properties and Research Results Research results include reagents, samples, experimental animals, plants, cell strains, fungus strains, genes, prototypes, experimental equipment, software programs, and data bases. For more detail please contact us.
(6) Scholarship Donations JAIST respectfully accepts donations from external organizations and individuals in order to strengthen its education and research.
Scholarship Donations Rules