Education and Research

Education (Lectures on Business Venture Pragmatics)

The Center offers lectures on business venture pragmatics, aiming at deep understanding about transfer methods of technology seeds created at JAIST, about industry-academia collaborations, about starting up and management of business ventures, and in order to bring up a mind to utilize such technology seeds. The lectures deal with such topics as industry-academia-government collaborations and business ventures as utilization of JAIST’s knowledge, governmental policies, relation to local regions, and the current situation of JAIST. The lectures also introduce ongoing industry-academia-government collaborations and business ventures, and thus promote career design of students.


The Center actively helps enthusiastic researchers having creative research themes to produce business ventures based on the Center’s excellent R&D performance for commercialization so far and by introducing new research themes, from both inside and outside JAIST, aiming at creation of new businesses.