Visitor Parking  【日本語のページ】


  Visitors to JAIST can park in “Visitor parking lot” for free of charge.
  Visitor parking permits are available at Environment Conservation Section in Facility Management Department. [Map(PDF)]
  The permit should be placed anywhere on the driver’s side windshield where the permit is visible.

  ※Campus Traffic Rules and Regulations & Parking Services

  Please see here about traffic restrictions on the premises and usage of pay parking lot .... here
                   (campus parking lot, Nomi municipal JAIST parking lot).

 1.General Information

  (1)Total number of spaces   



    a)Visitors of JAIST education research or university management
    b)JAIST library users
    c)Commercial vehicles
    d)Delivery vehicles
    e)Vehicles used by people with disabilities (including temporary disabilities)
    f)Vehicles used by people who are approved to use the lot for special reasons

  (3)Not Eligibilities(not allowed)

    a) Vehicles such as students, researchers, faculty and staff of our university
     → Please get permission to use the Nomi municipal JAIST parking lot or Campus parking lot.
    b) Automobile of Nomi municipal JAIST parking lot or those who got permission to use the campus parking lot.


  (1)Office: Facility Management Department  [Map(PDF)]
   @ Hours:
     Weekdays 9:00-16:00 (except 12:00-13:00)

   A Section in charge:
     Environment Conservation Section

   B Procedures:
     Write the necessary information such as a license number in the sign-in sheets located at Facility Management Department
     and receive a permit card. For JAIST library users, verification of “Library Card” is required at the first time for the fiscal year.

  (2)Rules and Regulations

   @ Permit Display:
     The permit should be visibly displayed on the driver’s side windshield.
   A Permit limits:
     The permit is only valid for the authorized user until the expiration date shown on the permit.
     Permits are not transferable from one user to another.

3.Contact information

  Facility Management Department Environment Conservation Section 

   Ext: 1133
   Phone: 0761-51-1133
   Hours: Weekdays 9:00-16:00 (except 12:00-13:00)