学生のMohammad Nur HasanさんがIEICE General Conference 2016においてEnglish Session Awardを受賞

 学生のMohammad Nur Hasanさん(博士後期課程1年、セキュリティ・ネットワーク領域クルカスキー研究室)がIEICE General Conference 2016においてEnglish Session Awardを受賞しました。

 Every spring, the four Societies of IEICE, together with the Human communications Group, jointly hold a General Conference to provide a forum where members can present their study results and exchange views. Besides the presentation of papers, there are special events, conferment ceremonies of Young Investigators Awards, and a social party. The IEICE technical committee on Network Systems (NS) holds English session and presents English Session Awards to some distinguished presenters. In 2016, the General Conference was held on 15-18 March 2016, in Kyushu University.



 Estimating Source Correlation Online in Massive Multiway Multirelay Networks

 In this paper, we propose an online estimation of source correlation for massive multiway multirelay (MWMR) networks, where each destination does not need to know the source correlation prior to joint decoding. We compare the performances of joint decoding with known source correlation and the estimated version. The results show that the online estimatioin is simple and accurate enough for massive number of sources or users.

 It is my honor to receive the English Session Award for my presentation in the IEICE General Conference 2016 held in Kyushu, Japan. I would like to express my deep gratitude toward Prof. Khoirul Anwar for his contribution to the paper and more importantly for his guidance, encouragement, and assistance in conducting research. I am also grateful to Prof. Kurkoski for all his support and guidance. In addition, I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward my family for their love and support. This award motivates me to achieve more excellent research results.